2014-2015 Important Dates

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Summer 2015

May 4 Session A Begins (SUMMER TERM BEGINS)
May 25 Memorial Day - No class
June 19 Session A Ends
June 22 Session B begins
July 3 Independence Day Observance - No class
August 7 Session B Ends
August 8 Graduation


Fall 2015

Jul 27-Aug 7; GSBM 550 - Professional English Communications Skills for Pre-MBA Students (Verbal Prep)
Jul 27-Aug 7 Verbal Prep One-on-One Sessions
August 10-11 DESC 551 - Mathematics and Statistics Review for Pre-MBA Students (Quant Camp)
August 12 International Student Orientation
August 13 New Student Reception (5pm)
August 13-23 Orientation and Workshop Activities (ALL students must attend, EXCEPT exchange students)
August 17-23 BSCI 650 Communications Workshop (ALL students must attend, EXCEPT exchange students)
August 21 Fall 2015 Exchange Student Orientation
August 24 Session A Begins (FALL TERM BEGINS)
September 7 Labor Day - No class
TBD Suggested Make-up day for Labor Day
September 17 Presidents New Graduate Student Reception
October 9 Fall Session A Ends
October 14 Fall Session B Begins
Nov 25-27 Thanksgiving Holiday - No classes and offices are closed
December 4 Session A ends
December 5 Graduation
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