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Each student is assigned specific dates and a time block for registration. Please check the Enrollment Dates section of the Student Center.

NOTE: Students in cohort programs and dissertation who do not have a registration hold will be registered by the GSEP Registration Office each term. Students can check their class schedule online in the Student Center.

Step 1: Select your classes for the term:

  • Go to: and log in with your User ID and Password; click the Student Center link under the Student Services heading on the left hand side of the page.
  • Under the Academicsheading, click the "Enroll" link, then select the "add" (or "drop") tab.
  • Select the term and then click "Continue" (new students will go to the first term of enrollment)
  • You may either SEARCH for a class or BROWSE through all the classes in a program
    • To BROWSE through classes in a particular course subject, select the appropriate course subject ("Psychology," "ED - Core Courses Education" for ED 600-699, "EDTC - Teaching Credential" for all EDTC classes, etc.), then select "View Class Sections" for a particular course to view offerings.
    • To SEARCH for a class, you must enter two search criteria. You may choose a course subject (All GSEP Course subjects begin with EDPSY), a Career (GRADUATE) or enter the Course Number (ie, "600" for PSY 600, etc.). It is recommended that students uncheck the "show open classes only" box, to allow students to add themselves to the waitlist for courses that have been filled.
    • Select the green "Select Class" link beside the class section the you would like to add to your shopping cart. For more information on the class, including a course description and any relevant notes, select the section number.
NOTE: The class section numbers correspond to the campus locations: section 20 = WLA; section 30 = Encino Grad Campus; section 40 = Irvine Grad Campus; section 60 = Westlake Village Grad Campus.
  • On the Enrollment Preferences screen, check the box "waitlist if class is full" if you would like to be placed on the waitlist, then click "Next."

    The class is now added to your shopping cart. You are not enrolled in the class.

Step 2: Register for the selected classes:

  • Click "Proceed to Step 2 of 3" to confirm class selections
  • Click "Finish Enrolling" to register for the classes in your enrollment cart.

Step 3: View results and correct any errors. Contact your Academic Advisor with any questions you might have.

Additional information can be found in the GSEP Academic Catalog.


The Registrar's Office does not automatically mail grade reports for an individual or previous term.

To obtain your grades online:

Step 1: From your Student Center, under the "other academic" drop down menu, click "grades", then click "continue".

Step 2: Click the "change term" icon to select the term you wish to see grades for and click "continue."

NOTE: If you cannot get a complete report, it usually indicates that not all grades have been received and processed. Grades are posted to academic records approximately one week after the term ends.


Eligibility to Register

Students are required to be cleared by the Student Accounts and Admissions Office before registering for classes. Tuition balances for the prior term must be paid in full before a student can register and attend classes for a subsequent term.

Adding or Dropping of Classes

Students may add or drop courses online through their Student Center without penalty during the add/drop period each term. Please be aware that adding or dropping classes may affect your student account balance and your financial aid eligibility.

Students who withdraw from class(es) after the add/drop period are subject to the tuition refund schedule. Contact the Student Accounts Office for a detailed refund schedule.

Withdrawal from classes

Students who wish to withdraw from all classes for the term or withdraw permanently from the University must notify the Education or Psychology academic advisor in writing and indicate the last date the student attended classes. If notification is postmarked by the last day of the add/drop period, tuition will be refunded 100%, less a $150 withdrawal fee. If withdrawal occurs after the add/drop period, students will be subject to the tuition refund schedule.

A student who fails to attend classes and does not formally complete the withdrawal process, will be assigned a failing grade for the course(s) and is responsible for tuition and other charges.

Leave of Absence

A student may officially request a leave of absence before registration for a term through written notification to the Education or Psychology academic advisor. Leave of absence requests will be considered only before the student registers for the term; otherwise, it is considered a withdrawal.

Doctoral students who need to take a leave of absence must file a formal petition with the Education or Psychology academic advisor to be reviewed by the Doctoral Concentration Committee. Readmission after a leave of absence is subject to approval by the Doctoral Concentration Committee.

Click here to download a Leave of Absence Request form.


Students who have been continuously absent for two or more terms must file a petition for readmission by completing an Application for Readmission Form and submitting to the Education or Psychology academic advisor. If readmitted, students are required to comply with current program requirements.

Students who have been absent for more than two calendar years are required to file a new application with the GSEP Admissions Office, pay the regular application fee, and be considered for admission based upon current admission requirements. The readmission applicants will be notified promptly after a decision has been made.

Auditing a Course

Students may audit certain classes with the consent of the instructor, providing space is available. An audited class appears on the student's academic record but no grade is assigned. Degree requirements cannot be met through auditing. Students are not permitted to challenge any course for credit if they have previously audited the course. Students who are not enrolled for other courses will be assessed a fee of $100 per audited course. In some instances, courses may not be audited due to class size or to prevent disruption to the cohesiveness within a group of students. Students who wish to audit a course must complete the Petition to Audit a Course and submit to the the Education or Psychology academic advisor.

Enrollment Verification

Enrollment verification can be processed by the University's Offcie of Student Information and Services (Malibu campus) or through Self-Service Enrollment Verification from your Student Center after the student is officially registered. Future enrollment will not be verified. Students must indicate the specific term(s) of enrollment they wish to be verified.

Unofficial Transcripts

Step 1: Go to: and log in with your User ID and Password.

Step 2: Select the "Student Services" tab on the upper left-hand side of the page, click "Order Transcript/Verification" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click the "Order Pepperdine Transcript" link.


Name Change Request

Request to Withhold Directory Information


NOTE : For specific commencement ceremony dates and information, visit the Graduation website.

The Graduate School of Education and Psychology conducts only one commencement ceremony each year that all qualified potential graduates may attend. However, the degree is posted at the end of the term in which all degree requirements are completed. Students are required to submit a Graduation Application in order for their degree to be posted to their academic record.

The term for which you apply to graduate is determined by the term in which you expect to complete your degree requirements:

Fall - Degree requirements completed in December

Spring - Degree requirements completed in April

Summer - Degree requirements completed in July

NOTE: potential graduates will be notified by the GSEP Registration Office when the Graduation Application is available in the WaveNet Student Center. Detailed instructions for completing the online Graduation Application may be found here.

  • Masters students will be emailed instructions for completing the Graduation Application at the start of the term in which they are expected to graduate.
  • Doctoral students will be given instructions for completing the Graduation Application when the Final Oral Exam is scheduled. To participate in the graduation ceremony, doctoral candidates are required to have held their Final Oral Defense and passed with or without modifications.


Student Services Contact Information



MA in Psychology, MA in Clinical Psychology, MA in Clinical Psychology with Latinos/as emphasis (evening formats):

Tinnie Taylor

(; 310.568.5618) Or

Marissa Spruiell

(; 310.568.5503)


MA in Clinical Psychology (daytime format):
Andrea Lipnicki (; 310.506.4608)


PsyD: Cheryl Saunders (; 310.568.5607)



MA in Education for Teacher Preparation, Educational Psychology, TESOL: 
Alicia Standifer (;  310.568.5770) 


MS in Administration and EDD in Administration, Leadership, and Policy: 
Alicia Standifer (;  310.568.5770) 


MA and EDD programs in Learning Technologies, Organizational Leadership and MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Change: 
Jane Tado (;  310.568.5738)