Turnitin Instructions - TurnItIn is a software application that allows you to check your research papers and dissertations electronically against all Internet and digitized documents to ensure adequate quoting, paraphrasing, and referencing. The software is now available to all GSEP students through Courses powered by Sakai, so you can now independently check your documents and prevent plagiarism.

Grammarly@EDU - GSEP has purchased a one-year license with Grammarly@edu for all of its students. If you have never used it, sign up today! Be sure that you click the link to the EDU extension and use your Pepperdine email address when signing up.

APA Format:

ESL Resources:

The Dissertation Process:

Writing and Mechanics:

  • Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) – this is a good source for general writing resources as well as instructional materials. Contains an array of information ranging from ESL resources, to creative writing support and setting-specific writing guidelines.

Plagiarism and How to Avoid It:


Elements of Scholarly Writing

A step-by-step approach to writing graduate-level research, including selecting scholarly sources, adequately narrowing a topic, composing a thesis statement, synthesizing literature, achieving coherence, and writing an effective introduction and conclusion.

Elements of Scholarly Writing


This informative two-part webinar from Writing Support, with guest Joe Velazquez, independent APA editor, covers the basics of APA Style and formatting of writing assignments using MS Word. Part 1 covers general research paper formatting (e.g., running headers, main headers, page numbers) and dissertation formatting (e.g., table of contents, levels of heading, tables, figures, section and page breaks) following specific APA and Pepperdine GSEP guidelines.

Part 1


Part 2 of this webinar series continues the discussion with guest Joe Velazquez, APA and text editor, providing a Q&A session with attendees, as well as pointing to some specific aspects of the dissertation formatting process that are often overlooked and/or commonly done incorrectly, to help minimize the APA Review process for GSEP doctoral candidates nearing
degree completion.

Part 2


This webinar, facilitated by EDOL adjunct faculty
member Dr. Tom Granoff, provides strategies for structuring and writing chapter five of the dissertation while waiting for IRB approval or data collection.

Preparing Chapter 5

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