Housing and Residence Life

Residence Life

"My RA and SLA held a bible study each week, which made me feel like I was part of a community that supported my same Christian values. It felt comforting knowing I had mentors in the hall who were there to help me adjust to college life and encourage me along the way."

Emily Andrews
Seaver College ('05)

The Housing and Residence Life office offers a wide-range of student services to the on-campus community including peer counseling and spiritual mentorship programs, school sponsored events within the community, and service and leadership opportunities for students.

Our hands-on professional staff members are dedicated to providing a safe, caring, respectful, and dynamic community for all residents. Each member is available for student consultation, emergency response, and other concerns within the community.

In addition to the professional staff members, the Housing and Residence Life office consists of over 100 students as Resident Advisors (RA) and Spritual Life Advisors (SLA). These students live and work within the residential community, providing year-round service, leadership, mentorship, and support to students living on campus.

Student Learning

Much of student learning takes place outside of the classroom.  Student Affairs departments, including this one, seek to support student learning and development.  Click here for a specific list of Student Learning Outcomes of this department.