Housing and Residence Life

Residence Life Staff

As students embark on their college experience at Pepperdine, it is recognized that learning happens both inside of the classroom and out. Learning is holistic - it is not only the growth of the mind, but also of the heart and soul as well. Many of life's important lessons and significant seasons of growth happen in the context of the residence hall. In a residence hall community, residents interact with people who are raised differently, think differently, and have important views on how life is lived. Through this time of living together, students are no doubt inspired and affected by those they live amongst. When else is there a time in life when such a large group of people who are similar in age, ambition, and even values can live in such proximity to one another?

Resident Directors are the facilitators of the community that happens in the residence halls. Their job is to oversee the work of the Resident Assistants, who are the student leaders that live among their peers. More than just supervisors, Resident Directors become mentors to their RAs. Through careful planning, it is the goal of the Residence Life department at Pepperdine to be intentional with students holistic development through what is no doubt one of the most formational seasons of one's entire life.

Resident Directors are also connectors. Resident Directors know the various departments on campus and are a great resource for students who are in need of different University services, but are unsure where to go. In addition, Resident Directors handle a variety of situations to make sure that the residents have a positive community living experience. This includes everything from roommate conflicts to general issues of safety. Also unique is that Resident Directors live amongst the student community at Pepperdine. This allows them to be more accessible to students and more aware of the tone and flow of the community.

We take joy in seeing residents grow as individuals who are part of a larger community in the world. We hope to challenge, inspire, protect, and assist residents in their time as students at Pepperdine University.

Resident Directors

Area (Gender, Year)
Nicole Duyao

Conner (F, Freshman)
E. Pengilly (F, Freshman)
Hayes (F, Freshman)
Peppers (M, Freshman)

Andrea Zahler White (F, Freshman)
Pauley (F, Freshman)
Banowsky (M/F, Soph)
Fifield (M, Freshman)
Zach Love Phillips (M, Freshman)
Crocker (F, Freshman)
J. Pengilly (M, Freshman)
Knott (F, Freshman)
Karl Kalinkewicz Eaton (M, Freshman)
Darnell (F, Freshman)
Miller (M, Freshman)
DeBell (F, Freshman)
Phillip DuVentre

Rockwell Towers (M/F, Soph)

Krown Alpha & Beta (M/F, Soph)

Michael Harri

Lighthouse (M/F, Soph)
Imaginarium (M/F, Soph)
Communitas (M/F, Soph)

Shafer (M/F, Soph)

Erin Walker Lovernich (M/F, Jr/Sr) 
George Page (M/F, Jr/Sr)
Andy Swartz Calamigos (M/F, Soph) carmen.golding-martinez@pepperdine.edu
Tyler Kemmerer

Drescher (M/F, Jr/Sr)

George Page (M/F, Jr/Sr)