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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Options for Faculty and Staff

  Marketing Cloud Yet Another Mail Merge Google Mail
Sending to 100+ X X
(1,500/day max)
Analytics X X
(Open/click rate)
Mail Merge X X  
Custom Design (Templates) X    
Transactional (No unsubscribe) X X X
Commercial (Promotional) X    

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has been selected by Pepperdine as the university's email broadcast tool. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides Pepperdine staff with resources to send email based off of university designed and approved templates. By automating emails using this tool, we can maintain mailing lists with data integrity and provide reports on email data.

Please visit the following pages to find the resources you need to utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Yet Another Mail Merge

Yet Another Mail Merge has been selected by Information Technology to allow faculty and staff to send small volumes of emails quickly. For more information and support, visit their documentation here. Please be aware that Google has select sending limits on bulk email to prevent abuse.


Emailing Internal Audiences

Sending broadcast email communications to Pepperdine's internal (faculty, staff or student) audiences, for commercial (promotional) purposes is strictly prohibited. To send commercial messaging to Faculty, Staff or Student audiences, Pepperdine Community News is recommended.

Pepperdine Community News is a collection of the latest news, notices, and event communications for students, faculty, and staff of Pepperdine University.

You may also visit the Communication Channels section of the community site for further options.