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Eventbrite has been selected by Pepperdine as the university's event management tool. Eventbrite provides event creators with a solution to register attendees, build events from templates, and collect event data and reports. By automating the event management processes, Pepperdine faculty and staff can focus on strategic decisions rather than on repetitive, time-consuming tasks with manual registration.

General Information

Contact Integrated Marketing Communications if you are interested in learning more about Eventbrite.

Access Application

In order to be provided access to Pepperdine's Eventbrite account, you are required to fill out the Eventbrite Access Application form.

Eventbrite Account

Upon completing the Eventbrite Access Application form, Integrated Marketing Communications will add you as a sub-user to Pepperdine's Eventbrite account. You must not already have an Eventbrite account registered to your Pepperdine email address.

You will receive an email with instructions on how to set you password. Your full email address (first.last@pepperdine.edu) is your username.

Event Templates

Event templates have been created and approved by the IMC team per University Brand Standards. Any intentional edits to the standard templates without prior approval will result in termination of your Eventbrite access.

There are three User Templates (one-column, two-column and modern) available to each school. These templates will be assigned to event creators (relevant to associated school) and will be used to build your events.

Create an Event

To create your event, make a copy of the User Template and build your event from the copy.

  • Do not edit the template.
  • Do not create an event from scratch.
Image Naming Conventions

Naming conventions are very important for the image upload in Eventbrite. The following naming conventions is the policy to be followed within the platform.

  • Image name must be all lowercase and utilize hyphens only. No spaces or any other special characters are permitted.
  • NAMING: school-department-event-year-description
    • school – The school this event is associated with. Use the below abbreviations.
      • pep – Pepperdine
      • svr – Seaver
      • sol – School of Law
      • gsbm – Graziadio School of Business and Management
      • gsep – Graduate School of Education and Psychology
      • spp – School of Public Policy
      • gpc – George Pepperdine College
    • department – The department this event is associated with (if applicable).
    • event – The title of your event. Please use abbreviations if possible.
    • year – The year which your event takes place in. Use only two digits.
    • description – A quick description of the photo.
  • EXAMPLE: svr-alumni-waves-wknd-15-prof-smith
Image Sizes
Organizer Profile

Each event is associated with one Organizer Profile page providing a list of all of that Organizer's events. Each template has been pre-assigned to its corresponding Organizer Profile, it should not be changed and no new organizers should be created.

The following are the event list page urls:

Do not create a new organizer profile or edit the Master Organizer profiles.

Event Information

Simple and non-recurring events may be built directly in Eventbrite. Recurring events and/or those events that have a large volume of information associated with the event should reside on your corresponding public facing University (.edu) web site and include a link that will direct the user to the registration path hosted on Eventbrite.

Pepperdine websites are managed through the University's content management system, OU Campus. If you have questions, require training or access, please refer to the Web Training Resources.

This approach is recommended to help improve search results, properly align university branding, offer added opportunities for customization, and simplify the registration process for invitees.

NOTE: Events with a mobile app may require content that syncs with the app to reside within Eventbrite. Please contact Integrated Marketing Communications for further details.

Event Promotion

Email communication to promote an event are to be sent from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud directing the invitee to the website for further information or directly to the registration within Eventbrite.

Distribution Lists

All contact records and distribution lists must come from Salesforce and be accessed through the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. No contact records are to be imported directly into Eventbrite. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in termination of the user's access to Eventbrite.

Email Communication

Auto responder emails to registrants will come through Eventbrite per event. Additionally, event creators may email attendees from within Eventbrite.

The ability to email attendees is currently coupled with the following additional options in Eventbrite: [  ] Send invites, manage contacts & email attendees

  • Because of the potential volume of email sends and associated spam concern, we may not send Invites through Eventbrite
  • Because of the goal of CRM to unify all constituent records and engagements, we may not Manage Contacts isolated within Eventbrite

The University is aware of the need to email attendees, and are looking at options for event managers to do so. Additionally, we have also requested that Eventbrite decouple these features.

If you require emailing attendees from Eventbrite, Administrators can turn that feature on for you, however you must be aware of the following:

  • Must not SEND INVITES
  • Must not import and/or MANAGE CONTACTS

Please contact Integrated Marketing Communications or Mike Sprague if you wish for the email attendees feature to be turned on for your User Account, or if you have any questions on the above.

Support and Training

Please visit Eventbrite's Help Center, it is an easy resource to find information on how to use the different features of Eventbrite. It provides a page for completely new users which includes 30 second tutorial videos that give an overview of an event setup.

You may also contact Eventbrite's 24/7 support team for organizer related questions.


Read more: Eventbrite FAQ; Financial Requirement.