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Centers and Institutes

Third-level names—academic centers, institutes, divisions, programs


A third-level name is generally represented by, but not exclusive to, academic centers, institutes, divisions, and programs. These tend to be entities that report directly to a school or other second-level component of the University.


The Pepperdine brand identity policy does not allow for the creation and use of unique visual identities for academic centers, institutes, divisions. or programs. This is especially important for any communication or marketing materials that reach an audience outside the local campus environment, since an overabundance of unique identities creates visual noise and dilutes the brand identity of the University as an enterprise.

The Pepperdine wordmark can only be joined with one second-level name to create a lock-up. These are generally non-school related entities whose role represent a University-wide initiative.

The names of centers, institutes, divisions, and programs must always appear in the same space as the  cannot be combined with the Pepperdine word mark, unless they happen to meet the above requirement.


Given the restriction on unique identities, third-level names are formatted according to a template shared by all other third-level names within the University as represented below.

These marks are set in the typeface Oswald and are all-caps. The primary name is set in the University blue, Pantone 281. Any secondary, or functional language if it is smaller in size and is set in Pantone warm gray. Horizontal orange rules can be placed on either side of the functional language when it fits within the width of the primary name.


fred sands

For usage in general communication such as titles or body copy, third-level name are formatted according to the the type styles established for that communication.  

Relationship to the University/School lock-up

To assure the contextual relationship with the University and school, the third-level names must always appear in the same space as the University lock-up. The size of the third-level name relative to the parent lock-up is flexible and generally determined by what looks best the space in which it is being used.

For example:

layout onelayout two

Clear space

The distance, or clear space, between the University lock-up and the third-level name should be no less than the height of the Pepperdine wordmark including the letter R swoop.

wordmark relationship