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Lock-ups: Second-tier Elements

The University wordmark may be combined with a secondary name (second-tier element) to form a lock-up. Both the wordmark and the second-tier element are set in Pantone 281 blue, and are separated by a vertical orange rule in Pantone 158. The second-tier name is set in Zurich Roman and is half the height of the Pepperdine word mark. Lock-ups can exist as linear components or stacked.

The wordmark should never be combined with more than one secondary element. Any third-tier elements should sit outside the lock-up formed by the wordmark and the secondary element.

The minimum width of a linear lock-up is 3.25 inches across. The minimum width of a stacked lock-up is 1.5 inches.

pepperdine bible lectures

Description of a second-tier element

Second-tier elements are departments, divisions, centers, or institutes which are not part of a school, serve a University-wide function, or report directly to the president's or provost's office. Schools are also second-tier elements but are now rendered as the expanded signatures.

Examples second-tier elements:

  • Alumni Affairs
  • Church Relations
  • Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture
  • Human Resources
  • Libraries
  • Bible Lectures
  • Center for Estate and Gift Planning
The list of second-tier elements is too lengthy to be listed here. Please contact Keith Lungwitz at x6281 with questions.



All lock-ups are available from the Pepperdine Asset Bank. Please contact Keith Lungwitz at x1440 if you do not find what you are looking for.