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Fee-based Services

Tech Central offers free and fee-based technical services for all Pepperdine University students. Tech Central's fee-based services must be paid with a credit or debit card. For question about fees or services visit or call Tech Central at (310) 506-4811.

Students should expect 3-5 days wait time for drop-off repairs. Some minor problems can be fixed while student waits. Please note that all major computer problems are directed to the service-provider such as Dell, HP, or Apple.

View free services from Tech Central.

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows Installation - $50

    Installation of any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system on any type of personal computer. This service does not include the purchase of the Microsoft Windows software.

  • Leopard OSX Installation for Macs - $50

    Installation of any version of the Mac OSX operating system. This service does not include the purchase of the Mac OSX software.

Virus Removal

  • Malware Removal - $40

    Removal of any type of malicious software without reinstalling the computer's operating system.

Software Installation

  • Other Software Installation - $20

    Installation of most types of end-user software. Tech Central reserves the right to refuse this service for any software that requires more than 1 hour to complete installation.

Miscellaneous Services - $ (Varies)

Any Tech Central service that is not listed above can be counted as a miscellaneous service. Special authorization from Tech Central management is required for these services.

Data backup - $15/GB ($60 Max)

This service includes the backup of user data (specified by the user). Tech Central can remit this data to the customer in several ways: DVD backup, Direct Hard Drive transfer, USB transfer, and e-mail attachments.

Loaner laptop - $10/day

This service includes the full use of a Tech Central laptop at the cost of $10 for each full day that the laptop is checked out.