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Configure Outlook Using MAPI

This page explains how to setup Outlook using the MAPI protocol.(What is MAPI? )

  1. Open "Outlook."
  2. Select the "Tools" menu, click "Account Settings."

    Outlook MAPI 1
  3. Click "New."

    Outlook MAPI 2
  4. Select "Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP" and click "Next."

    Outlook MAPI 3
  5. Check the box "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and click "Next."

    Outlook MAPI 4
  6. Select "Microsoft Exchange" and click "Next."

    Outlook MAPI 5
  7. Enter "" for Microsoft Exchange server. Enter a Pepperdine username as User name and click "Check Name" to verify existence of the name.

    Outlook MAPI 6
  8. When the verification is complete, click "More Settings."
    Note: These two steps could occur in reverse order.
  9. Click on the "Security" tab and check the box next to "Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server" if it is not already checked. Click "OK" and then click "Next" on the "Exchange Server Settings" page and then click "Finish."

    Outlook MAPI 7
  10. If prompted to enable "Instant Search," chose wheher or not to do so at this time. Check the box next to "Do not show this message again" before clicking "No."
    NOTE: It is necessary to install Windows Desktop Search for Instant Search to work. This may impact Outlook's performance.

    Outlook MAPI 8
  11. If prompted to synchronize RSS Feeds select "No."

    Outlook MAPI 9
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