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Google Apps at Pepperdine

G Suite combines Google-powered email, calendars, document creating and sharing, instant messaging, and mobile device services all from your account.

This collaborative environment is available to all Pepperdine students, faculty, and staff. All Pepperdine users receive UNLIMITED STORAGE for FREE to be shared among all available Google services including Google Mail, Drive, and more.

G Suite for Pepperdine:

gmailGoogle Mail 

Google's email interface comes with UNLIMITED STORAGE to be shared among all of your Google services.

Google Mail

Google Mail Help Center

driveGoogle Drive 

Create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, and download them to your desktop applications. Collaborate on projects without the hassle of emailing files. All Pepperdine users receive UNLIMITED STORAGE for FREE to be shared among all of your Google services.

Google Drive at Pepperdine

Google Docs Overview

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Get people together easily - Google Calendar automatically manages invites and RSVPs for events. Share whole calendars university-wide or with specific people.

Google Calendar Overview

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chatGoogle Hangouts 

Chat with your friends, colleagues, or classmates on the web or on your desktop. Organize a group chat to go over homework or make a voice or video call. 

Google Hangouts Overview

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Create sophisticated websites without any programming knowledge. Share knowledge or files with faculty, students, or staff, or the world.

Google Sites Overview

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Access your Google Apps at Pepperdine Google Mail, Calendar, and other services from your mobile device.

Google Mobile Help Center

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Google Apps at Pepperdine Policy

Google and Pepperdine University's Information Technology department supports the six core Google Apps: Google Mail, Google Docs, Calendar, Google Chat, Sites, and Mobile. Google services that are not part of this core suite of applications are not covered by the Google Apps support terms of service or Pepperdine University Information Technology support.

These non-core apps are not covered by the Google Apps uptime guarantee service level agreement. Services may not be available in all countries and are subject to change without notice. For more information, please visit Google's Technical Support Service Guidelines at 


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