Fall 2015 Club Convos

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Relationship IQ: Your Modern Family: Family Relationships While Away from Home

09/30/2015 - 11/04/2015

Wednesdays, 4:00pm, Main Campus classroom (RAC 170)

Contact Info: Susan Giboney, 310-506-8551, susan.giboney@pepperdine.edu

Family relationships change, you change, they change. Come get great perspective on how to understand your family, get along together, and develop the type of relationship you want with them as you enter adulthood.


Relationship IQ: Identity: Discovering What it Means to be Wanted by God (women only)

10/06/2015 - 11/10/2015

Tuesdays, 1:00pm, Main Campus classroom (CAC 124)

Contact Info: Katie Harri, 310-506-8551, thekatieharri@gmail.com

God designed you for relationship with Him, wants you to know Him, and gives you your identity, value, and purpose. Discover a vibrant, joyful relationship with God that sets you free and enables you to be your authentic self.


Relationship IQ: Created for Relationship: Does God Want Me?

09/24/2015 - 10/29/2015

Thursdays, 7:00pm, Main Campus Classroom (RAC 178)

Contact Info: Ron Highfield, 310-506-8551, ronald.highfield@pepperdine.edu

Did you know that you were created for relationship? God designed you for relationship with Him, wants you to know Him, and gives you your identity, value, and purpose. Discover a vibrant, joyful relationship with God that sets you free.


Relationship IQ: Beyond the Mask: Loneliness, Social Connections & Our Community

10/01/2015 - 11/05/2015

Thursdays, 2:00pm, SAC 140

Contact Info: Shannon Latson, 310-506-8551, shannon.latson@pepperdine.edu

Is it possible to be surrounded by people, and yet feel very alone? Does technology connect us or increase our isolation? Can you believe God loves you and still feel lonely? Join us to discuss how to deal with these realities in our community or personally.


Relationship IQ: How to Date the Best

10/06/2015 - 11/10/2015

Tuesdays, 2:30pm, Main Campus classroom

Contact Info: Hannah Parmelee, 310-506-8551, hannah.parmelee@pepperdine.edu

Want to date? Want to date well? Come talk about how to get a date, what to do when you're "just friends," how to have a DTR, and other practical tips on starting romantic relationships.


Relationship IQ: What About Sex?

10/06/2015 - 11/10/2015

Tuesdays, 5:00pm, Main Campus classroom

Contact Info: Hannah Parmelee, 310-506-8551, hannah.parmelee@pepperdine.edu

Come talk openly about sex and how it affects our brains and relationships. This is not your typical "sex talk." Find out the real deal and decide what is best for your life.


I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

9/18/2015 - 10/23/2015

Fridays, 4pm, CCB 245

Contact Info: Barry Fike, 310-506-6007, barry.fike@pepperdine.edu

This convo will present crucial information needed to avoid being swept away by the onslaught of secular ideologies that cast science, philosophy, and some biblical studies as enemies of the Christian faith. We'll look for six weeks at the evidence for their being a supreme being that we call God and why that you don't have to throw away reason, logic and science when looking at the evidence.


What Popular Music Teaches Us about Faith, Hope, and Love (Group 1)

9/30/2015 - 11/11/2015

Wednesday, 11am, Malibu Campus (AC 261)

Contact Info: Chris Heard, 310-506-4299, cheard@pepperdine.edu

"I dig rock and roll music ..." Do you? Does the music you listen to connect with your life of faith? How so? In this club convo, we'll use Jeff Keuss's new book Your Neighbor's Hymnal: What Popular Music Teaches Us about Faith, Hope, and Love as a basis for discussing those connections. This short book contains five chapters, with a focus on the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love—three key elements in a Christian life. The Center for Faith and Learning will supply copies of Keuss's book to each participant, and you'll be part of a bigger conversation, since several club convos will focus on this book. The fourth meeting in the series will include lunch with Keuss, who will also speak in Wednesday chapel on October 21.


What Popular Music teaches us About Faith, Hope, and Love (Group 2)

9/30/2015 - 11/11/2015

Wednesdays, 12pm, Malibu Campus (CAC 100)

Contact Info: Paul Contino, 310-506-4096, paul.contino@pepperdine.edu

Does the music you listen to connect with your life of faith? How so? Jeff Keuss's new book is titled Your Neighbor's Hymnal: What Popular Music Teaches Us about Faith, Hope, and Love. Professor Keuss will be the Chapel/Convo speaker on Oct 21. I'd like to discuss his book with a group of students. The short book contains five chapters, with a focus upon the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love -- and it resonates with much of what I love about rock, soul, and folk music.


What Popular Music Teaches Us about Faith, Hope, and Love (Group 3)

9/28/2015 - 10/26/2015

Monday, 4pm, AC 298 (Jerene's Room)

Contact Info: David Lemley, 310-506-4281, david.lemley@pepperdine.edu

What can I learn about loving God and my neighbors from a 3 minute pop song? This group will read Your Neighbor's Hymnal, a recent book that suggests we can learn a lot about faith, hope, and love from popular music. We will meet and share lunch with the author, Jeffrey Keuss, when he visits campus to speak in Chapel on October 21. Each week we will discuss the book, and share our journeys with music by developing playlists of our own.

The books and the meal with Jeffrey Keuss are gifts from the Center for Faith and Learning, sponsors of this and additional Club Convo groups based on this book.


Authentic Spirituality

9/30/2015 - 11/11/2015

Wednesdays, 5pm, TAC 1st floor lobby conference room

Contact Info: Phil Phillips, 310-506-7227, phil.phillips@pepperdine.edu

This is a small group, discussion-oriented series, where we will grapple with authentically applying our spirituality to everyday life. Topics will include better understanding others and ourselves so that we better accept both, communicating with and hearing from God, grace and forgiveness, relationship with Christ, and other topics in which the students are interested. Sessions will often include a reading, video, or podcast for a portion of the hour to spark discussion. From time to time, we will hear from University leaders who live out their faith in various professional environments. Students may bring their dinner to the session.


Red Letters: Intersections of Faith and Justice

10/06/2015 - 11/10/2015

Wednesday, 4pm, Malibu Campus (CAC 316)

Contact Info: Bryce Coefield, 310-506-4463, bryce.coefield@pepperdine.edu

Red Letter Christianity is a global movement of Christians who are taking the actions of Jesus and his words - the "red letters" in some versions of the bible - seriously. This 6 week club convo will draw discussion and guidance from the social issues and values addressed in "The Red Letter Revolution." We will be covering topics ranging from caring for the poor and finding justice for the oppressed, to spreading the gospel and loving one's "enemies".


Prayer That Ends Racism: Contemplative Practice Toward Racial Reconciliation

10/13/2015 - 11/17/2015

Tuesday, 7pm, George Page II Apt. G22

Contact Info: Eric Wilson, 310-506-4991, eric.wilson@pepperdine.edu

Eric & Sharita Wilson will lead students in deep prayer forms and explore how these contemplative practices can be used as a means of racial reconciliation.


"For you are all one in Christ Jesus": Issues of Race and Racism in Christianity

10/20/2015 - 11/24/2015

Tuesday, 7:30pm, CAC 121

Contact Info: Tanya Hart, tanya.hart@pepperdine.edu

In his letter to the church at Galatia, the apostle Paul laid God's foundation of inclusion and equality for all who trust and obey Jesus Christ. Believers in Christ are " . . . all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Ga, 3: 26­28). This foundation ­­the oneness of all believers in Christ before God­­ defines the church, the body of Christ, and looked markedly different from the violence, animosity, and divisions in first century Galatia, as well as in the rest of the world. Today, the church is still called to love as Christ loves us, and to be different from the world. The United States ­­perceived as a Christian nation by many ­­was built on foundations of violence, animosity and division: genocide, slavery, prejudice, and discrimination. In 2015, the nation is still divided, particularly over issues of race and racism, with charges and counter charges of racial inequality and insensitivity blanketing the media. Most churches within the Christian faith are still racially segregated, mirroring the segregated lives of Christians who primarily identify with, befriend, marry, and live among people of their racial/ethnic grouping. This club convo will examine how and why racial divisions still exist, and how Jesus calls His followers to surrender before the cross, to love as He loves, and follow Him.


Love is an Orientation

10/15/2015 - 11/19/2015

Thursday, 6:30pm, Jamba Juice Terrace

Contact Info: Gus Peterson, 310-506-4824, gus.peterson@pepperdine.edu

This club convocation will be reading the book "Love is an Orientation" and will address some topics related to the LGBTQ community. It will provide a safe space for genuine conversation that seeks bridge-building between the christian community and the gay community.



10/05/2015 - 11/09/2015
Monday, 6:00pm, Location TBD
Contact Info: Michael Murray, 310-506-7523, michael.murray@pepperdine.edu

Landed is a club convocation series intended to help students find their voice after returning from abroad, to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of their study abroad experience and to equip students with resources to take their next steps. Living in a foreign country for a year or semester is filled with amazing, heart-breaking, thrilling, confusing and life-changing experiences, as all of us know. But what do we do with these things after we come back to Malibu? The next 6 weeks are a time to discuss, question, explore, explain and unpack these emotions and experiences, so students can use their year abroad as more than just Facebook memorabilia.


Seriously Dating/ Engaged

10/08/2015 - 11/12/2015
Thursday, 6:30pm, George Paige E15
Contact Info: Zachary Love, 682-224-9482, zachary.love@pepperdine.edu

Creating a theology of marriage and having important conversations before deciding what the future holds for this relationship; Zach and Haley Love will be leading this group together. The format of this group would be to eat together from 6pm-7pm and then have a discussion from 7pm-8pm followed by prayer. There are plenty of sessions and thus this would be a great group to continue a second part 2nd semester if the group wants to meet again.


Children of Divorce

10/14/2015 - 11/25/2015
Wednesday, 1:00pm, The Sandbar
Contact Info: Zachary Love, 682-224-9482, zachary.love@pepperdine.edu

How divorce affects your life as an adult and your relationships including those with your parents and future romantic relationships. No matter how recent or long ago your parents divorced, this group is for you. The goal of this group is two fold. First, to create a support group for children of divorce in order to show them that they aren't alone and that it continually effects yon. Secondly, to find strength/guidance in Scripture and through Ron Deal's research on Smart Stepfamilies (smart stepfamilies.com).


When Helping Hurts

10/22/2015 - 12/03/2015
Thursday, 4:00pm, PVC
Contact Info: Laura Bergeron, 214-732-6535, laberger@pepperdine.edu

We invite future Project Serve Team leaders to join in the discussion on ways that we can shift our thinking of poverty and alleviation practices. By better understanding the root of this seemingly incurable problem, poverty, to be broken relationships, we hope to be prepared to lead a Project Serve Trip.


Club Convo listings for Fall 2015 semester will be posted as they are approved.

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