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Shanghai Summer Program 2016

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The Shanghai GE Program

With one of the world's fastest growing economies and abundant international business opportunities, China is an ideal location to study business and Asian courses. Complete some of your General Education requirements!

Program Dates

May 9 - July 5, 2016

The dates listed above are departure dates from LAX and from the program location back to LAX.


$4,032 Room & Board, 8 unit minimum ($1,510 per unit).

Course Offerings

Students will take a minimum of 8 units from the list below.  If you have not taken a Chinese class, you must enroll in CHIN 121. If you have already taken a Chinese language course, you must enroll in HUM 295 or the appropriate level of Chinese.

May and June:

  • CHIN 121 Chinese Language and Culture (1) 
    • This course is designed to maximize the student’s international experience by providing an opportunity to engage in basic conversational Mandarin and intentionally study and observe aspects of Chinese culture. While not an intensive language class, student should expect to come away with a basic grasp of conversational Chinese and observations of Chinese traditions, culture, society that will enhance the experience of studying abroad in Shanghai (This course does not prepare a student take Chinese 152. Taught only in the Shanghai program during the summer term). 
  • CHIN 151 Elementary Chinese I (4)
    • Basic conversation, reading, and writing are emphasized as well as the study of Chinese culture, customs, and institutions. Must be taken for a letter grade. Students must earn a minimum grade of C- before they can advance to subsequent courses.
  • CHIN 152 - Elementary Chinese II (4) / Prerequisite: CHIN 151
    • Continued practice of basic conversation, reading, and writing are emphasized as well as the study of Chinese culture, customs, and institutions. Must be taken for a letter grade. Students must earn a minimum grade of C-before they can advance to subsequent courses. 
  • CHIN 251 - Second-Year Chinese (4) Fulfills Foreign Language GE
    Prerequisite: CHIN 152
    • This course emphasizes language production skills and interactive language use with a concentration on conversation. This course also develops reading strategies and examines complex grammar structures (Students must earn a minimum grade of C- before they can advance to subsequent courses). 
  • CHIN 252 Second-Year Chinese II (4) / Prerequisite: CHIN 251 
    • As in CHIN 251, this course emphasizes language production skills, but focus is on composition and reading literary texts to prepare students for upper-division courses. Students must earn a minimum grade of C- before they can advance to subsequent courses.
  • CHIN 499 Directed Studies (4) / Prerequisite: CHIN 252
    • Consent of the divisional chairperson is required. Prerequisite: CHIN 252 or equivalent competency. 
  • HUM 295 - Enriching the International Experience (1)
    • This course is designed to enrich the student’s international experience by providing opportunities to engage more fully with the culture and to reflect more deeply on the experience. It is the goal of this course to help students know how to look at and listen to their new culture and how to give meaning to their international experience (Taught only in International Programs. May be repeated in a different location. Cr/NC grading only).
  • ECON 210 - Intro to Microeconomics (3) *Fulfills Human Institutions GE 
    • A study of the factors underlying the economic decisions of households and business units; analysis of the determinants of demand and supply, utility, and costs or production; price and output determination under various market structures; and pricing and employment of resources. 
  • ENG 370 - World Literature (4) Fulfills Upper Division Literature GE
    Prerequisite: ENG 101 
    • Examines literary texts from one or more non-British, non-American cultures. The course may focus on any genre, nationality or ethnicity, or time period, such as the Russian Novel, Modern European Poetry, or Literature of the Caribbean (May be repeated once when topics vary).
  • BA 366 Organizational Behavior (3) / Prerequisite: ENG 101

    • An integrated and interdisciplinary study of behavioral science for management. The course attempts to integrate the psychological and sociological aspects of human behavior as they relate to management. Focus is on individual, group, and organizational behavior. Topics include communication, motivation, group dynamics, leadership, power, reward systems, organizational structure, and managing conflict and change.

  • BA 494 International Management (3) / Prerequisite: BA 352 or BA 366 or COM 418
    • Examines organizational behavior and management issues in an international context. The primary focus is on the role of the manager in cross-cultural environments. The purpose of the course is to heighten student awareness of the differences associated with global management, and with the content and corporate management practices, as necessary, to be effective in different cultures. Cases, experiential exercises, and team projects are part of the learning process.
  • ARTH 446 Chinese Art (4) * Fulfills World Civilizations OR Fine Arts GE
    • The art, architecture, and visual culture of China from the pre-modern period to the present. Fulfills the World Civilizations GE requirement. Students may elect to have this course fulfill the Fine Arts GE requirement instead if requested through One Stop (GE).

The Shanghai Family

Click here to meet or contact the Shanghai Program Staff.

The Visiting Faculty Member for Summer 2016 is Kristen Chiem,  Assistant Professor of Art History

The City

Shanghai, the largest city in the People's Republic of China, is locted on the Yangtze River in eastern China. Since the recent lifting of market restrictions, Shanghai has been a leading force in Chine economic reform, emerging as a dynamic international metropolis with a striking juxtaposition of the most modern and traditional Chinese elements.

The Jia

Students live in the Pepperdine owned Shanghai Jia, meaning house. The Pepperdine facility is located in the French Concession area of Shanghai near the American Consulate. The facility houses student rooms, the visiting faculty apartment, classrooms, a library, a computer lab, a student center, laundry facilities, and the program office. The Jia is conveniently situated between two subway stations and two bus stops.


A Chinese and American style mixed breakfast will be provided in the house seven days a week, with baozi 包子 (steamed stuffed buns), miàn bāo 面包 (steamed rolls/bread), other local Chinese breakfast foods, and a selection of cereals, yogurt, and juices. Typically eggs and bacon or sausage are available every other day. Students will be provided with funds Digitally Distributed to an account of their choosing to purchase lunch and dinner on their own. Students are highly encouraged to get to know some of the small shops and restaurants around the Jia and within walking distance at JingAn Temple. There is a kitchen available in the house for student use, should students want to prepare their own meals. Meals while traveling on weekends will be the responsibility of the student.

Cultural Outreach Opportunities

Service and cultural outreach opportunities can be very limited during the summer due to the short duration. Please contact the program staff locally for more information.

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