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The Shanghai GE Program

With one of the world's fastest growing economies and abundant international business opportunities, China is an ideal location to study business and Asian courses. Complete some of your General Education requirements!

Program Dates

May 8 - June 28, 2014

Course Offerings

Students will take a minimum of 8 units from the following:

  • ARTH 446 - Asian Art (4 units) (GE)
  • HUM 295 - Enriching the International Experience (0-1 units)
  • COM 513 - Intercultural Communication (4 units) (GE)
  • BA 366 - Organizational Behavior (3 units)
  • BA 494 - International Management (3 units; BA 352, BA 366, or COM 418 prereq)
  • INTS 344 - International Relations (4 units)
  • CHIN 121 - Chinese Language and Culture (1 unit)
  • CHIN 151 - Elementary Chinese I (4 units)
  • CHIN 152 - Elementary Chinese II (4 units; CHIN 151 prereq)
  • CHIN 251 - Second-Year Chinese I (4 units; CHIN 152 prereq) (GE)
  • CHIN 252 - Second-Year Chinese II (4 units; CHIN 252 prereq)

The Shanghai Family

Click here to meet or contact the Shanghai Program Staff.

The Visiting Faculty Member for Summer 2014 will be Professor Denise Ferguson. Professor Ferguson can be contacted via email here

The City

Shanghai, the largest city in the People's Republic of China, is locted on the Yangtze River in eastern China. Since the recent lifting of market restrictions, Shanghai has been a leading force in Chine economic reform, emerging as a dynamic international metropolis with a striking juxtaposition of the most modern and traditional Chinese elements.

The Jia

Students live in the Pepperdine owned Shanghai Jia, meaning hose. The Pepperdine facility is located in the French Concession area of Shanghai near the American Consulate. The facility houses student rooms, the visiting faculty apartment, classrooms, a library, a computer lab, a student center, laundry facilities, and the program office. The Jia is conveniently situated between two subway stations and two bus stops.


A Chinese and American style mixed breakfast will be provided in the house seven days a week, with bao1zi3 包子 (steamed stuffed buns), mian4bao1 面包 (steamed rolls/bread), other local Chinese breakfast foods, and a selection of cereals, yogurt, and juices. Typically eggs and bacon or sausage are available every other day. Students will be provided with stored value cards to purchase lunch and dinner on their own. Students are highly encouraged to get to know some of the small shops and restaurants around the Jia and within walking distance at JingAn Temple. There is a kitchen available in the house for student use, should students want to prepare their own meals. Meals while traveling on weekends will be the responsibility of the student.


The tuition cost is $1,395 per unit, and each student must take a minimum of 8 units. The International Programs Charge is $3,290. The International Programs Charge covers room and board. 

Cultural Outreach Opportunities

In all of our International Programs, students are encouraged to join local organizations or participate in activities that allow them to meet and interact with locals for a more intensive intercultural experience. Shanghai offers a range of activities that will make your study here meaningful and culturally enriching. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to attend shows, service activities, and trips to museums and cultural sites throughout the city, and participate in language exchanges with other Chinese college students from Fudan University.

Service opportunities change from semester to semesters, but past opportunities have included trips to local orphanages, participating in community fundraising events, teaching English to local school children, and on-going volunteer work with a local homeless relief shelter. Program participants interested in becoming engaged in service will have the opportunity to identify areas of involvement upon arrival in the program, and to serve on a service committee lead by the service coordinator.

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