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The visiting faculty member for the 2016-2017 academic year is Dr. Darlene Rivas,  Professor of History

The City 

Lausanne is located in the French-speaking canton (state) of Vaud in western Switzerland. Nestled majestically amongst the Alps, Maison du Lac sits on the shores of picturesque Lake Geneva. Lausanne contains the headquarters for the International Olympic Committee, and the United Nations center is nearby in Geneva. It is also a popular city for outdoor recreational activities such as sailing, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding, so get ready for some great adventures! Known for being one of the safest cities in Europe, Lausanne has an outstanding public transportation system, and is centrally located for easy train and plane access to most major European cities.

Maison du Lac

The Pepperdine facility at Maison du Lac is located near the Lausanne's bustling city center. The Lausanne house overlooks a view of Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) and the French Alps. The seven-story facility is equipped with the program office, three classrooms, student dorm rooms, the visiting faculty apartment, several study rooms, a library, a student center, a cafeteria, and a communal kitchen. This International Programs facility is the shortest distance to the nearest European train station.


Students can enjoy a light Swiss breakfast in the house seven days a week. Lunches are provided in Maison du Lac Monday through Thursday. Group dinners are provided at several local restaurants three nights a week. Students receive money credited Digitally Disbursed to an account of their choosing for dinners on Sunday and Thursday and lunches on Friday. Should students want to prepare their own meals, there is a newly-renovated kitchen available in the house for student use. Meals while traveling on weekends will be the responsibility of the student.

Educational Field Trips

A weeklong educational field trip (EFT) is included in both the fall and spring semesters of each academic year program. Typically, one EFT goes to a destination where the program language is spoken, while the other is to a neighboring country. Some locations the Buenos Aires program has visited in the past include Greece, Corsica, Ireland, France, Belgium, Turkey and Israel.

The Listening Summit

The Listening Summit is a three-day gathering in each location. A select group of Pepperdine students meet with local college students for a weekend committed to listening and engaging with one another. The summit features distinguished speakers, cultural exchanges, and interactive discussions that leave the student diplomats with an enriched experience and new friends in their host city.

Cultural Outreach Opportunities

In all of our International Programs, students are encouraged to participate in activities that allow them to meet and interact with locals for a more intensive intercultural experience. One  opportunity Lausanne students have is to volunteer at the Bethanie Elderly Home.

Past and current students have also joined local gyms, and have made friends with other local students by means of a tandem program run by the University of Lausanne. Students from both universities have teamed up with a class of high school students from the region to practice their English and French language skills.

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