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Grant Program

The Technology and Learning grants program offers competitive funding to Pepperdine's full-time faculty members to support and encourage innovation in the field of technology and learning. The grant program has been established by the offices of the Provost and the Chief Information Officer, and is administered through the Technology and Learning department. Grant proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by a faculty committee.

*Note: The deadline for this year's applications has passed.

Grant Program Goals

The goals of the grant program are to:

  • Provide seed funding to faculty members who propose new ways to integrate technology and learning
  • Provide a regular mechanism for sharing and communicating faculty member innovations in technology and learning
  • Create an environment where faculty members can undertake cutting-edge technology and learning projects
  • Determine the feasibility of implementing successful innovations campus-wide

Strategic Focus Areas

Faculty members may propose grant projects on any subject related to the integration of technology and learning. Proposals closely aligned with one or more of these strategic needs may receive special consideration during the application process.

  • Assessing student learning. Research tools and best practices in the area of assessing student learning, such as online quizzes, surveys, and learner analytics.
  • Faculty development. Develop models, workshops, and/or materials to gather and share faculty success stories using technology in the classroom.
  • Lecture capture. Identify¬†low-cost, easy-to-use methods for capturing class lectures and discussions for distribution as podcasts or web video-clips. Areas of interest include strategies for "flipping the classroom" as well as assisting different learning styles or needs such as student athletes who are required to learn on the road or students with disabilities.
  • Web conferencing. Evaluate, test, and pilot tools to bridge the distance between instructors and students. This is especially important to support blended and online programs at Pepperdine.

Eligibility Requirements

Full-time faculty members are eligible to receive a grant. Part-time faculty or staff members may partner with a full-time faculty member to become eligible for an award. Faculty members are eligible for one award every three years.

Grant Recipient Expectations

After a period of twelve months, grant recipients will be expected to:

  • Submit a journal-ready case study that details their work (these case studies will be made available to the University as an internally published monograph).
  • Be available to present their work at Pepperdine's Technology and Learning Faculty Conference.
  • Spend all awarded funds by the end of the fiscal year in which the grant was awarded. Awards are intended to promote innovation in teaching and learning. The program will provide one-time funding for training, travel, consulting assistance, or tools such as hardware and software. Recurring maintenance for hardware or software is not an allowable expense beyond twelve months after receiving an award. Awards may not be used to fund or supplement pre-existing tools or services paid for by schools, departments, or the university. Awards may not be used for faculty or staff salary supplements; however, awards may be used to support salaries for student workers who participate in the faculty member's project. Pepperdine's Information Technology department will provide the necessary human resource, purchasing, and post-award accounting support.

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How to Apply

*Note: The deadline for this year's applications has passed.

Funding Limit:


Grant Proposal Process:

Proposals should consist of no more than five pages and should include the following items:

  • The names and titles of all faculty and staff members working on the project.
  • A summary paragraph of no more than 200 words describing the proposed project, its goals, and method of investigation.
  • A narrative of no more than three pages detailing the proposed project, method of investigation, goals, and expected outcomes.
  • A narrative of no more than one page that outlines the overall relevance of the project for faculty members at Pepperdine University.
  • A review of current best practices or other relevant information concerning the state of the problem area that will be under investigation (no more than one page). Information regarding practices at other institutions of higher education is especially relevant.
  • A detailed, line-item budget for the project.

Proposals will be ranked and funding will be recommended by a committee consisting of faculty representatives from each of the schools of Pepperdine University. Awards will be announced by the end of the fall 2013 semester.

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For further information, kindly contact:

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