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PACIS Project Law  Straus  student,alumni,academics,The PACIS Project in Faith Based Diplomacy,faith and service,programs
PDK GSEP Phi Delta Kappa  student, resources, services
PRSSA Seaver Public Relations Student Society of America, Undergraduate Communication program, Communication Division  student,academics
PRYDE Program GSEP Pepperdine Resource, Youth Diversion and Education  student,academics
Panels and Presentations Law  Career Development  student,alumni
Parkening International Guitar Competition University    student
Parkening Master Class Seaver Undergraduate Fine Arts program  Fine Arts, student
Parking GSEP    student
Past Events Public Policy    news and events
Payment Methods Graziadio Student Accounts  student
Payment Options and Due Dates Graziadio Student Accounts  student, services
Payroll University    faculty, staff
Payson Library University    student,faculty, staff
Pepperdine Estate Planning Network University    giving, student,faculty,staff
Pepperdine Law Magazine Law    student,faculty,staff, news and events
Pepperdine Law Review Law    student,faculty,staff, news and events
Pepperdine University University    student,faculty,staff, news and events
Pepperdine Wave Classic Golf Tournament Seaver    student,faculty,staff
Pepperdine WaveNet University Login Required  student,faculty,staff
Personnel Services University For Current Employees faculty,staff
Personnel Services University For Prospective Employees  faculty,staff
Philosophy Seaver Undergraduate Major  student
Philosophy Seaver Undergraduate Minor  student
Phone Services University For Faculty and Staff  faculty,staff
Photocopy Services University    student,faculty,staff
Physics Seaver Undergraduate Major  student
Planned Giving University    student,faculty,staff
Planning, Assessment and Institutional Research University    student,faculty,staff
Policies University For Faculty/Staff faculty,staff
Policy Seminar - Capstone Public Policy    student,academics
Political Science Seaver Undergraduate Major student,academics
Political Studies Specialization Seaver Undergraduate International Studies Major specialization student,academics
Practicum Preparation GSEP MFT student,academics
Pre-Dental Seaver Undergraduate Biology emphasis, Natural Science Division student,academics, Pre-Health Professional Curricula
Pre-Law Seaver Undergraduate Social Science emphasis, Social Science Division student,academics
Pre-Med Seaver Undergraduate Biology emphasis, Natural Science Division  student,academics
Pre-Med Seaver Undergraduate Sports Medicine emphasis, Natural Science Division  student,academics
Pre-Vet Seaver Undergraduate Biology Emphasis, Natural Science Division  student,academics, printing sertvices
President's Message GSEP    student,faculty,staff
President's Message Public Policy    student,faculty,staff
President, Office University    student,faculty,staff
Presidential and Key Executive MBA (PKE) Graziadio Part-time Program  student,academics
Press Releases GSEP    student,faculty,staff, news and events
Print Shop University    faculty,staff, student, business services
Privacy Policy Public Policy   Public Policy
Production/Design Seaver Undergraduate Theatre Arts Major emphasis, Fine Arts Division  student,academics
Professional and Academic Writing Seaver Undergraduate Minor, Humanities and Teacher Education Division  student,academics
Program Comparison Graziadio    student,academics
Programs Graziadio    student,academics
Programs & Admission Graziadio    student,academics
Provost, Office University    student,faculty,staff,academics
Psi Chi GSEP Honor Society  student,academics
Psy.D. Student Government Association GSEP Psychology  student,academics
Psychology Seaver Undergraduate, Social Science Division  student,academics
Psychology Seaver Undergraduate Major, Social Science Division  student,academics
Psychology Continuing Education Workshops GSEP   student,academics 
Psychology, M.A. GSEP    student,academics
Public Information University  Newsroom  faculty,staff,student, news and events
Public Policy Public Policy  Studying Public Policy at Pepperdine  student,academics
Public Policy Public Policy Studying Public Policy at Pepperdine , Academics  student,academics
Public Relations Seaver Undergraduate Major  
Public Safety University    student,faculty,staff
Publications Law  Newsroom  student,faculty,staff, news and evetns
Publications Public Policy Faculty Authored Publications  student,faculty,staff, news and evetns
Purchasing University  Finance faculty,staff