Pyramid Analytics uses Microsoft Silverlight that allows you to view and interact with data. Please install the Silverlight browser plug-in if prompted by your web browser. If you have problems accessing Pyramid Analytics after installing the Silverlight plugin, please try the following steps.

The Silverlight add-on is sometimes disabled by web browsers. To re-enable Silverlight, follow these steps.

Here are some Silverlight messages you might encounter while working in Pyramid Analytics. Generally, these pose no risk to your computer or the security of the data warehouse.


The Pyramid application has reached its current storage limit

Again, to use Pyramid, you'll want to click "OK" to increase the storage limit so you can use Pyramid Analytics.

Silverlight message storage limit



Do you want to allow this web application to access your clipboard?

Yes, you do. In order to send report links, Silverlight has to access your clipboard. The clipboard is where data is saved when you select to copy items.

Silverlight message access clipboard



Isolated storage is not enabled

You will want to increase your storage to continue to use Pyramid Analytics. Follow the instructions on your screen to increase the Silverlight storage.

Silverlight message isolated storage