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Current Enrollment
Current Enrl Status
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In Progress Pyramid Analytics
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Enrollment PeopleSoft Student Administration
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Provost's Office Office of Business Intelligence
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Data captured in the report is refreshed every weekday morning at 4 am and every weekend at 3 pm.



This report displays the number of enrolled students at the school within the chosen term. The Officially Enrolled Count includes students enrolled in at least one course. The Credits Attempted Term is the total number of units taken for these enrolled students.

Withdrawn with Enrollment displays the number of students who withdrew from courses they were enrolled in.


 Current Enrollment Dashboard


Column Descriptions:

Officially Enrolled Count

Credits Attempted Term


Row Descriptions:

The report shows the population by career (Graduate and Undergraduate, or Law) for each School.

The report viewer can either drill down on each cell to view the various programs, plans, subplans, and associated Actively Enrolled and Withdrawn with Enrollment counts.


Additional Notes:




Measures: Credits Attempted Term, Officially Enrolled Count


Dimensions: Plan, Term Enrolled Indicator

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Provost and Deans
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  October 2014
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 Last updated: October 29, 2014