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Enrollment Demographics
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These reports display the gender, ethnicity, religious preference or citizenship breakdown of the officially enrolled students for the selected term and academic plan(s).

NOTE: Dual degree students will be counted TWICE in these reports.

Column Descriptions:

Actively Enrolled

Term Enrolled Indicator

Withdrawn with Enrollment


Row Descriptions:

Gender / Ethnicity / Religious Preference / Citizenship


Additional Notes:


A student can identify himself/herself as one race or multiple races. For those students with multiple races, only one race is chosen. The order for choosing a single race is as follows:

    1. Race(s) where PRIMARY_INDICATOR = 'Y'
    2. "Hispanic" values (i.e. ETHNIC_GRP_CD = 03 - Hispanic)
    3. By alphabetical order of ETHNIC_GRP_CD

01 - White
02 - Black
03 - Hispanic
04 - Asian
05 - American Indian or Alaskan Native
06 - Pacific Islander/Hawaiian
07 - Puerto Rican
08 - Mexican American
09 - Unknown




Measures: Program Officially Enrolled Count


Dimensions: Gender, Ethnicity, Religious Preference, Citizenship, Term Enrolled Indicator

Sort Sequence Logic Used
Term, Academic Career, School, Academic Program, Academic Plan



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Provost and Deans
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March 2, 2015 March 2, 2015
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 06/10/2015 - Added Academic Plan


 Last updated: June 10, 2015