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FRS Data Warehouse FRS Data Warehouse
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Finance FRS
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Column Descriptions:

Report 6 Digit Accounts

Account :

Description :

Responsible Person :

Exec Level :

School Name : 

Resp Rollup :

FY :

Ledger-0 Account Balance Report

Shows transactions, to see pool totals, subcode balances, transactions, budget entries and open commitments.

Account :

Description :

Beginning Balance: 

CM Actual :

YTD Actual :

Balance :


Transactions Report - Transaction details broken down by Fiscal Year, Fund, Account Number

Account :


Tran Date :


Ref 1 :


Transaction Description :


Amount :


Ref 1 :


Ref 2 :


Offset Acct :


Batch :

CPU Date :


Month :





Account, Description, Responsible Person, Exec Level, School Name, Resp Rollup, FY

Beginning Balance, CM Actual, YTD Actual, Balance

Tran Date, Ref 1, Transaction Description, Amount, Ref 1, Ref 2, Offset Acct, Batch, CPU Date, Month

Sort Sequence Logic Used
 Admit Term, School



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