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This report calculates the total loan amounts taken out through Pepperdine by a graduating student from Pepperdine University for the last 10 years. The report looks at the Degree Checkout Status of "Awarded" and the Completion Term within PeopleSoft. Two reports were created one includes Parent PLUS loans and the other excludes Parent PLUS loans.

The report pulls a list of every student who graduated within a specified completion year. To pull the population of "graduated" students the program looks at students who have a PeopleSoft Program Status equal to 'CM', and who have a completion term.

Column Descriptions:

School : The school a graduate is associated with is based on the academic program in which they completed their degree within the specified year. For students receiving degrees from multiple schools (dual degree students) they are associated with each school.

GSBM- includes both grad and undergrad programs
GSEP- includes both Psychology and Education programs
SOL- includes both LAW and Dispute resolution programs

SPP- includes all Master of Public Policy programs
SVR- includes both undergrad and grad programs at Seaver College

Completion Year : This is based on the term the student completed their degree (completion term). The completion year includes anyone who graduating with the Spring, Summer or Fall of the specified year.

Total Loans : This is a sum of all federal, institutional, private/alternative (which were reported to Pepperdine) loans, PLUS loans taken out by parent are available in one report, in the specified completion year.

Total Graduates : The number of students in the specified completion year who conferred a degree. Students who received degrees from multiple schools will be counted under each school.

Graduates With Loans : The number of students who graduated in specified completion year who received at least $1 in loans.

% Graduates With Loans : 'Graduates With Loans' divided by 'Total Graduates'

Avg Loan Amount : 'Total Loans' divided by 'Graduates With Loans'


Additional Notes:
Total Loans and Avg Loan Amount prior to 1991 may not provide complete data. PeopleSoft does not have financial aid data before 1987 and so cannot sum the amount of loans taken out by graduating students prior to that year.
Note: In cases where a student completes a Master of Arts in Education in one year, and then completes a Credential the following year, the student will count as a graduate in both years.
Note: For SPP there is only data available since 1999




School, Completion Year, Total Loans, Total Graduates, Graduates With Loans, % Graduates With Loans, Avg Loan Amount
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