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SOL Enrollment & Performance Report SOL Enrollment & Performance Report
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In Testing SQL Server Analysis Services & RadarSoft
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Records and Enrollment PeopleSoft Student Administration
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Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) Office of Business Intelligence (OBI)
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Office of Institutional Effectiveness runs a process at approximately the 5th week of each term to capture previous term data.



School of Law enrollment headcounts with entrance GPA, admission test scores, and cum GPA for all majors by full/part-time, gender, race/ethnicity. (Students with double majors are counted more than once.)

The definitions used in the Enrollment & Performance report is drawn from IPEDS definitions.

Measure: A property on which calculations (e.g., sum, count, average, minimum, maximum) can be made.1

Dimensions: A data set composed of individual, non-overlapping data elements. The primary functions of dimensions are threefold: to provide filtering, grouping and labeling.2



Measure Descriptions (Click on measure name to view definition):

Student Count

Avg Cum GPA1

Avg Cum GPA2

Avg Entrance GPA

Avg LSAT Comp


Dimensions Descriptions (Click on dimension name to view definition):

Academic Load

Admit Term

Admit Type

Church of Christ

Division Dept

Enroll Term


IPEDS Ethnicity





Academic Load, Admit Term, Admit Type, Church of Christ, Division Dept, Enroll Term, Gender, IPEDS Ethnicity, IPEDS Load, Major
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School Deans and Program Directors
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   July 2013
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 Last updated: August 7, 2013