ePortfolios & Assessment

ePortfolios provide an opportunity to support a student's ability to collect, organize, interpret and reflect on his/her learning and practice. It is a tool for continuing professional development, encouraging individuals to take responsibility for and demonstrate the results of their own learning.


Why use ePortfolios?

The benefits of ePortfolios are rich and multi-layered. For students, ePortfolios allow them to collect their work in one place, establish a unified showcase of their work, and reflect upon their strengths and weaknesses. This is beneficial both during college as a quality improvement tool (that could potentially span their tenure at a university), and after college as an online career tool for prospective employers.

For faculty, ePortfolios can be equally beneficial in terms of data collection, student achievement documentation, and examples of direct student learning. This data can be used for reflecting upon and fine tuning curriculum and teaching methods, in order to gain clearer insights into student learning. In addition, ePortfolios are priceless in terms of collecting ongoing electronic documentation of assessment and provide universities with the ability to evaluate data, both qualitatively and quantitatively, at an institutional level.


ePortfolio Informational Brochure