ePortfolio Guide

Create an Assignment in ePortfolio

You may find the Assignments tool in a Digication course useful for various reasons. This tool will put a time stamp on student portfolio submissions to make sure they have been submitted by the deadline, and create a snapshot of the portfolio assignment at the time it's submitted so students can't go back and change it after they receive their grade. The tool can be a little complicated to use, but it can still be a big help.

To use the Assignments tool in a course you've created, follow these steps.

1. Go to your course and look for the Assignments tab among your course's tabs:

Digication Assignment Tab


2. Create assignments and steps.

In Digication, you give your students assignments that are broken down into steps. What the students submit will be attached to a step. This is useful if you are asking them to submit multiple drafts for revision, or the like. If not, you can create assignments that have only one step.

Click Add Assignment to create your first assignment in Digication. Give it a descriptive name and click Save.

Digication EvidenceNow click Add Step to create the first (or only) step in the assignment.  From the list of types of steps (shown at left), choose Evidence, and then click Add This Step. Give the step a name; if you're making an assignment with one step, you can give it the same name as the assignment itself. The options allow you to limit the times at which students can submit this assignment step. The system handles deadlines strictly; if you want students to be able to submit the step after the deadline, click "No deadline" and inform them of the due date (you'll still be able to see the time when they submitted it). Click Save when done.

You are now ready to have students submit this assignment step. To create another step in this assignment, click Add Step. To create an additional assignment, click on the Assignments tab and click Add Assignment again. You can follow the same procedure from scratch, or you can click Browse Assignments to copy your existing assignment to a new one.

Once you have created an assignment step, the page at your Assignments tab will have a grid like the following:

Digication Student Assignments

The square beside a student's name for an assignment will be blue if s/he has not completed an assignment, and yellow if s/he has. (The students and their corresponding squares won't appear until you have added your students to the course.)