ePortfolio Guide

Add content to your ePortfolio

  1. To add or edit content within your ePortfolio, highlight a section and a page within your ePortfolio where you want to add or edit content.
  2. Click on the button 'Add A Module' to add content.Digication Add Module
  3. You can create multiple modules on the same page. Take a minute to look at the variety of layouts that are possible and choose the one that will represent your work the best.
  4. Upon clicking 'Done', the page will automatically scroll to the module that you just created. You can add more by clicking on 'Add A Module' again.

Each module has tabs across the top:

Digication Content

  • View (Media or Text) is a preview of what your viewers will see including your unpublished changes.
  • Edit is where you can add/edit content, upload files, and create links.
  • Publish is where you can publish a specific module to your viewers. If you have multiple modules in a page that needs to be published at the same time, you can use 'Publish All' above all modules.
  • Delete allows you to delete the module from the page.
  • Drag to reorder allow you to reorder modules on a page.

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