ePortfolio Upload Large Videos

Digication has released a beta feature for Pepperdine to allow you to load videos larger than 20 MB into your portfolio without having to use tools like YouTube or Vimeo. You can still use other tools like YouTube or Vimeo and embed the video into your ePortfolio if you choose.


  1. To use the Large Video Upload Feature, first add an Image/Audio/Video module. Learn more about adding content to your portfolio.Digication Image Module
  2. Once your module has been added, click the "Edit" tab.
  3. To upload a file greater than 20MB, select the "Replace This Media with Large Video (Beta)" option. The "Upload Video" window will open.Digication Image Module
  4. Browse to the file on your computer and select "Open".
  5. The name of your movie file will appear in the "Upload Video" window.
  6. Click "Start Upload".Digication Large Video Upload
  7. Your file will begin to upload and you will be kept informed of the progress. Do not close the "Upload Video" window. You may continue to work on your e-Portfolio while your file is uploading. After your upload is complete you may close the "Upload Video" window. You will also receive a notification email that your video has been transcoded.Digication Large Video Upload
  8. Publish your Image/Audio/Video module to view the video within your e-Portfolio.

Note: Depending on the size of the video there may be a delay after uploading before the video becomes available within the e-Portfolio - the video is still being processed during that window.