The Business Intelligence Department brings together data from internal and external sources to  help make strategic decisions across various levels of the University. Business Intelligence "includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance." -Gartner

The BI department aims to be a consistent partner and provider of reliable information which provides transparency and is derived from administrative and college based systems and delivered to internal and external bodies.

Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics is more than just queries and reporting, BI integrates sophisticated techniques and tools to interact with the information.


  • Deliver accurate and relevant information to the right people in the appropriate format
  • Integrate data from heterogeneous systems
  • Cleanse and improve data quality
  • Develop institutional wide Data Dictionary
  • Restructure data as per University's business processes
  • Provide platform for disseminating cleansed data for reuse
  • Provide framework for analytical reporting and self service Business Intelligence


  • Data and reports are readily available and easily accessible
  • Ability to integrate data from multiple source systems enabling central view of business across the University
  • Analytics and reporting can be done for specific business needs
  • Improves business processes by highlighting issues


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