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Analytics & Reporting

Project Name
Sourced From
CRM Dashboard A variety of reports presenting recruiting, marketing and admissions data from the university's CRM system Salesforce CRM Provost's Office In Progress
New Student Withdrawals New students who withdraw from the term after deposit/intent-to-enroll PeopleSoft Student Admin Seaver Admission and Enrollment Management In Progress
Admissions Report - PPE CUM Total number of applications for each school and program PeopleSoft Student Admin Provost's Office In Production
Loan Trend Report Total amount taken out by graduates for past 10 years PeopleSoft Student Admin,
Chief Financial Officer In Production
Financial Aid Report Total amount of aid offered, awarded, and disbursed by aid year and school  PeopleSoft Student Admin Seaver Admission and Enrollment Management  In Queue



Data Feeds

Project Name Description Sourced From Status
CRM Bring in data from Constituent Relationship Management system  Salesforce/TargetX  In Progress
Application Information Bring in data from 3rd party application sites  Various  In Queue




Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary is a repository of the Data Warehouse's metadata (data about data). This can consist of metadata elements like database schema and table names and definitions, column names, data types, lineage details, etc.


To provide a standard definition for all columns within the data dictionary and to promote consistent use of those columns. To improve data validity, reliability and appropriate visibility across the enterprise. To raise the level of communication between business partners by defining a standard meaning for each data warehouse column within the data dictionary. To provide business users, application, report developers and users with a standard view of enterprise data.

The Data Dictionary will guard against information inaccuracy due to a lack of data governance. Inaccuracies can occur as a consequence of poor data management; for example, the same data elements may be known by different or duplicate names.

Initially, the Data Dictionary will serve as a metadata repository for the Data Warehouse but aims to expand to provide the same benefits, in a wider context to the University, as an Enterprise Data Dictionary.

UPDATE: In Fall 2016, the new Data Stewardship strategic initiative was launched, involving a multitude of departments across the university, with one (among many) tasks of refining and expanding upon the data dictionary.