Automation / Digital Mail

The U. S. Postal Service has recently developed new regulations for processing bulk mail. (By "bulk mail”, we are referring to any mailing which consists of more than 200 pieces or weighs more than 50 pounds). The basic thrust of the new regulations involves the granting of substantial price discounts to bulk mailers who are able to do certain processing tasks that were previously done by the post office. To take advantage of these discounts, Mail Services has established an automated bulk mail center.

We have invested in mailing software, printers, tabbing and labeling machines, and other equipment to meet the requirements of the U.S.P.S. so that University mailings can be accomplished in the fastest and most inexpensive manner possible.

To send your bulk mailing through the automated bulk mail center, please download the Mail Piece Planning Form, fill out, and email back to expedite the process. Please call us at extension 7433 to schedule your job.

It is helpful to call as far in advance of your mailing as possible; advance notice will help to ensure that your mailing gets out in a timely fashion.

Contact Automation Services, or call (310) 506-7433 for more specific queries about bulk mailing.