Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. How can one get postage stamps?
A. Departmental: An online req needs to be filled out for the stamps to be delivered to the requesting department. Personal: One can come to Mail Services located at the DFS Pad or purchase stamp booklets from the Bookstore located at TCC.

2. Q. How does mail get picked up?
A. Mail Services will make one pick up, and delivery per day to
designated departments for business mail. Outgoing personal mail with postage already applied will be picked up at the same time.

3. Q. Is there parking for staff and visitors at Mail Services?
A. There are several visitor parking spaces designated for customers at Mail Services on the DFS Pad.

4. Q. How does one get last minute mail requests serviced?
Last minute mailing of items will need to be brought to Mail Services at the DFS Pad. Pick up times will remain the same: 4:00 pm for US Postal Service and 4:00 pm for UPS.

5. Q. Will there be some place on campus for emergency pickups?
A. Special pick up points for critical mail have been established at the following designated locations. Pick up time is 3:30 P.M. Any mail after this time will be processed the next business day.

  • TAC
    • Fourth floor receptionist desk
    • Second floor Student Accounts Office
    • Second floor Finance receptionist desk
  • School of Law
    • Room 216
  • Drescher Campus
    • GSBM reception desk

There is a special collection box for completed UPS packages and a US Postal Service collection box located behind TAC at the top of the ramp.

6. Q. How does one order supplies from Mail Services?
A. Please call Mail Services at 310-506-4293 to request delivery of supplies via the next courier run.

7. Q. Is there a retail window?
A. Yes; customers should go to Mail Services located at the DFS Pad.

8. Q. What are the hours of operation?
A. Mail Services hours are: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

9. Q. Are there any plans for another mailroom or stamp outlet at TAC or the TCC area?
A. Not at this time. The US Postal Service requires a large volume of stamp purchases per month to provide and service a vending machine with stamps.

10. Q. Are any services provided at the TCC Mailbox area?
A. Answer: There is no retail services available at this location as this area is set up to only receive mail that is processed for delivery for Seaver students. This can include parcels, letters, flats, and accountable mail.

11. Q. Can a mail courier come back to a department after the mail has been picked up?
A. No; the courier must maintain his schedule to ensure the mail is processed in a timely manner.

12. Q. Will mail be processed the same day it is picked up by the courier?
A. That is the intent, but due to the volume of mailings and time of receipt, there might be an occasion it would not be processed until the following day.

13. Q. Does Mail Services accommodate any late pickup requests?
A. There will not be any late pickups; the courier will do two pickups per day from designated locations.

14. Q. Can one buy boxes to ship items?
A. Yes; Warehouse Services has these items.

15. Q. Where is Mail Services Automation Area located?
A. It is located on the DFS Pad.

16. Q. How does one get mail to Mail Services' Automation Services?
A. Mail couriers will pick packages up on scheduled runs. For special pick-ups or larger mailings, please call 310-506-4293 to make arrangements with the manager from Mail Services.

17. Q. What is 'Click and Ship'?
A. Click and Ship is a service that the US Postal Service operates to send US Postal Express and Priority Mail packages. This service may be accessed from the US Postal Service's Web site at Upon accessing this secure US Post Office Web site, one must click on the ship a package tab. The weight of the package must be known to use this service and postage may be paid by using a credit card.

18. Q. Is Central Receiving part of Mail Services?
A. Yes; Central Receiving is part of Mail Services.

19. Q. What is the "Foreverstamp"?
A. The "Foreverstamp" is a stamp that will be good for the rate of a one-ounce First Class letter regardless of when the stamp was purchased and what the rate at the time of use.

20. Q. When is the "Foreverstamp" available?
A. The "Foreverstamp" is currently available for purchase. Its value is $0.49 and is available in booklets of 20.

21. Q. How long is the "Foreverstamp" available?
A. The "Foreverstamp" will always be available. Each stamp can only be used once for each single mailing. One will be able to continually purchase these stamps throughout the following years.