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Retail Window

The retail window is open to the University community from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Staff and students may purchase stamps or postage, send letters or packages overnight. Some boxes for Priority Mail, and UPS are available in Mail Services.

Campus Deliveries

Mail Services provides pick up and delivery mail service to the Malibu campus departments on a once per day schedule. Mail Services goes to the Graduate Campuses located at West LA, Irvine, Encino, and Westlake once a day. The campus mail system, as part of the University's facilities is a restricted service. It is not available for the personal use, private gain, or use by non-University groups for the advertisement of programs not sponsored by the University.

General Distribution

Mail Services provides general distribution to all Pepperdine staff, faculty, and students. Fill out the distribution form and send the number of copies requested on the form to Mail Services for distribution.

Mail Preparation

Departments are responsible for preparing outgoing mail; addressing, wrapping, filling out customs forms, and identifying the class you wish to mail the item. Mail Services will not supply customs forms, but will supply expedited mail labels and envelopes, and UPS shipping supplies

Always separate campus mail, international, and unsealed mail from regular mail by binding with an elastic band. All outgoing mail requires a return address with the departmental mail code. Mail Services will meter only mail that is official University business.

U.S.P.S. Address Standard

OCR Read Area and Bar Code Read Area

U.S.P.S. Standard Size

USPS Standard Size

Measuring a parcel

Measuring a Parcel

Mail Classification

Click here to obtain U.S. Postal Service mail classes via their very own Web site.