Placing Orders

COVID-19 Signage

The Stay Safe Waves signage catalog is now available. Please contact to request a PDF.



Submitting Files

Please submit only final PDFs, include the department and project title in the filename.

Turn-Around Times

For digital printing we request a minimum of 24 hours to complete most small to medium jobs. For large print runs (1000+ sheets), books, business cards, and any offset printing please call or email the shop for scheduling.

Estimates and Pricing

Please email for an estimate.This is the information that we will require:

  • PDF file (If it is not a final file please include "DRAFT" in the filename.)
  • Quantity
  • Print size (We recommend 11 x 17 inches for posters and 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches for postcards)
  • Paper type (A general idea is fine. For instance, text weight or cover weight. Posters and postcards have standard papers, no need to specify.)
  • Envelopes (If you know the name, such as A6, A7, #9, #10, that is helpful.)
  • Due date (For large projects we require more than 24 hours.)

Official Pepperdine Printed Materials

Most of the University's forms, letterhead, envelopes and business cards are printed by Printing Services.

Recharges / Ordering

Print Jobs orders are requested via Internal Requisition. At the end of each month, the departments are recharged for their printing expenses for the month the job is completed.
Link to Internal Requisition

Pick Up and Delivery

When you place you order please specify if you would like to pick up or have it delivered. A convenient on campus courier service that will deliver your finished products by end of day in Malibu or next day to our other campuses.