Any person driving a Transit Services vehicle must have a commercial (Class B) drivers license with a passenger endorsement. Potential drivers must demonstrate eligibility by providing a copy of their valid commercial (Class B) drivers license to our office for our records.

Vehicle preparation

In addition to regular maintenance, Transit Services will inspect all vehicles before renting them for departmental use. If a vehcile is determined to be inadequately prepared, corrective action will be taken, or a reasonable subsitution will be made.


Vehicles should be returned to Transit Services in the same condition in which they were received. Please check the vehicle for loose trash, food containers, and forgotten personal articles. In the event that a vehicle is not returned in the same condition, the renting department will be charged for any resulting damage.

Vehicle drivers must complete all of the necessary information on the vehicle log sheet provided. Completed log sheets should be promptly turned in, along with the accompanying clipboard and vehicle keys, to the Transit Services office.

All Transit Services vehicles are insured. However, if your drivers causes damage to a vehicle, and repairs are necessary, your department may be charged for the deductible of the insurance on that vehicle. Insurance on our vehicles is valid in the Continental U.S. and Canada. Special arrangments can be made for trips to Mexico.

Drivers are also responsible for all law enforcement citations issused while they are operating any of our vehicles. Transit Services is not responsible for parking or moving violations committed by a driver.

In the event of a mechanical breakdown or difficulties with the assigned vehicle during normal business hours, the concerned parties may call the Automotive Services ext. 6303. We will make every attempt possible to provide assistance. If a problem occurs after business hours, parties may call Public Safety at ext. 4700.

Rental policies

An appropriate vehicle will be selected subject to availability, distance to be traveled, and length and purpose of use. Due to the inability to service mechanical breakdowns, all vehicles will need to remain within a 100 mile radius of the Malibu Campus. Special arrangements or exceptions to this policy will be evaluated on an "as needed" basis.

If a reservation is cancelled without advance notification and Transit Services is providing the driver(s), the renting department will be charged the amount of the original time requested for both the vehicle and the driver.