Mail Preparation


Departments, or individuals, shipping any combination of campus mail, international mail, and unsealed mail should separate the categories by binding them with an elastic band. All outgoing mail requires a return address with a student box number or a departmental mail code. To prepare international mail, use the USPS Customs Form Indicator to determine whether it is necessary to complete a customs form.

Mail Codes

A University-wide mail code system is in place for sending and receiving mail which also connects with department accounts. The mail code is the 4-digit extension of the department, typically as listed in the phone directory. A mail code is not a person's personal extension number.

A department's mail code should be added to the end of the University zip code. Please call Mail Services to find out a department's mail code.

Zip Codes

To find a zip code, just click on the USPS icon below and follow the instructions.

USPS logo

Mail Classification

Obtain U.S. Postal Service mail classes via their website.

USPS Address Standard

USPS Address Standard

USPS Standard Size

USPS standard size

Measuring Parcels

Measuring a parcel image