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Departmental Orders


To request an estimate, email printshop@pepperdine.edu and provide the following information:

  • PDF (if possible)
  • Due date
  • Quantity
  • Size(s)
  • Single or double-sided
  • Color or black and white
  • Mailing list (if applicable)


Placing Orders

  • Departmental orders must be submitted through an Internal Requisition (REQ)
  • Final files must be submitted as PDFs only.
  • Provide final job specifications (quantity, size, due date, delivery instructions, etc.)
  • Personal orders must be submitted via email.
  • Contact Printing Services for assistance.


Pickup and Delivery

Specify pickup at Mail Services Malibu Campus or interoffice delivery, including the name of a recipient present on campus to receive the delivery.



Billing for departmental orders occurs via the University's end-of-month recharge process.

For personal orders, payment must be submitted upon delivery by check or Pepperdine Waves Cash Global.