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Departmental Orders


To request an estimate, email printshop@pepperdine.edu and provide the following information:

  • PDF (if possible)
  • Due date
  • Quantity
  • Size(s)
  • Single or double-sided
  • Color or black and white
  • Mailing list (if applicable)

Placing Orders

Departmental orders must be submitted through an Internal Requisition (REQ). Personal orders must be submitted via email. Contact Printing Services for assistance.

Final files must be submitted as PDFs only.

Provide final job specifications (quantity, size, due date, delivery instructions, etc.)

Pickup and Delivery

Specify pickup at Mail Services Malibu Campus or interoffice delivery, including the name of a recipient present on campus to receive the delivery.


Billing for departmental orders occurs via the University's end-of-month recharge process.

For personal orders, payment must be submitted upon delivery by check or Pepperdine Waves Cash Global.