Moving Services Guidelines

Office Move Guidelines - Pepperdine University

The following information has been prepared to facilitate office moves for office occupant(s) as well as the Pepperdine University moving crew. By adhering to these simple instructions your transition will be smoother and more efficient for everyone involved.


Notify all involved parties well in advance of your planed move date. These departments might include but are not limited to:

  1. Information Technology for disconnection relocation and reconnection of all computer equipment.
  2. Telephone Services for the relocation of phone service and changes in University directory.
  3. Mail Services / Central Receiving/Warehouse Services for mail and parcel redirection.
  4. Facilities Management and Planning (FM&P) for painting, cleaning, hanging of pictures or for connecting furniture to walls.
  5. Last but not least the Moving Crew for the relocation of furniture and cartons


Office occupant(s) are responsible for the packing of their belongings. For your own protection we suggest office the occupant move any fragile personal items themselves.


Boxes may be obtained through Warehouse Services, they should be requested well in advance, with a requisition. All boxes should be taped on top and bottom (folding of flaps will result in spills, we recommend tape only). The packing of books and paper should be limited to boxes no larger then 12x12x18.


All furniture and cartons should be labeled with the occupant(s) name and new location. Masking tape can be used for furniture. Boxes should be marked on the side. Providing a map of how you want your furniture arranged at the new location is always beneficial.


Desks, credenzas, supply or storage cabinets and bookcases should be completely packed. Vertical file cabinets do not have to be packed. However lateral file cabinets larger then two drawers should have the top two drawers packed but the bottom two drawers may remain full. This does not apply to wood file cabinets they should be completely packed as they cannot withstand the stress. All pieces of furniture, that can be locked, should be!

Pictures, Maps & Bulletin and or White Boards

These items need to be taken down by the FM&P carpenters shop and be reinstalled by the same. Clearly mark these items if you want them to move with you.


Label Pots (Do not water plants within a couple days of your move)

After the Move

Your first concern will be to get unpacked and back to working status as soon as possible. As you unpack break down boxes and stage them in a central area. Warehouse Services will pick them up for reuse (sorry, there is no credit available). When staging boxes, always stack them on their sides (not flat on top of one another), to prevent a slip and fall hazard.

Remember moving is a difficult and stressful time for everyone, only people directly involved should be present on move day. With patience and understanding moves can be accomplished in a timely and efficient manner.