Surplus Services

Surplus Procedures

For more information regarding the surplus of vehicles please go to the Surplus Vehicle Form.

Addendum for surplus University Vehicles

A University vehicle, that has been determined to be of no further use to a department, shall be declared surplus. A notification authorizing intention to surplus, in the form of an email or requisition, shall be provided to Warehouse Services by the current using department. The Warehouse, in conjunction with Transit Services, will determine if the vehicle is suitable and able to be reused by other departments of the University. If it is reused, a search for reassignment to another department will be conducted.

Should there be no use or need in any other area of the University it will be made available for sale or proper disposal after verification and certification of applicable California sales requirements. All sales will be conducted on a sealed bid basis with the highest bidder being awarded the sale. First opportunity for sale will be made to the University Community. If no sale is concluded, it will then be made available for sale to the general public.

In the event that a vehicle is found to be unsafe, defective or unable to comply with California laws and regulations, and that the cost to repair is higher then the value of the car, this vehicle will be sold/given to a certified salvage company. In the event that no salvage company will pay for the vehicle and that there will be a cost associated with its' removal and or disposal, the original department which surplus the vehicle will be recharged this cost.

All sales or disposals shall be in compliance with California Department of Motor Vehicle rules and regulations.