Instructional Classes

Jiu Jitsu

The mission of the Pepperdine Jiu Jitsu Club is to build a community that fosters interest and participation in jiu jitsu for recreation, self-defense, and physical and mental wellness. The Pepperdine Jiu Jitsu Club welcomes anyone who values discipline, wellness, martial arts, self-defense, respect, and is looking for a well-balanced lifestyle. Our organization furthers the mission and values of Pepperdine University by strengthening students for lives of purpose, service, and leadership. Jiu jitsu training develops humility and yet also confidence, strength and yet also prudence. And it produces bonds in those who practice it together, allowing them to draw from one another's friendship.


Instructor:  James Saulsberry

James Saulsberry started training martial arts at a young age. Trying many different styles such as karate, Tai Kwan Do, kendo, and even budo jiu jitsu under Master Al Thomas. Training two to three times a day James excelled fairly well in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & soon found himself assisting black belts with both adult & kids classes. James was promoted to purple belt in May 2015.

James Saulsberry