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Group Training

Share the costs and add more fun and accountability to your training program by signing up for Group Training. Groups of 2-4 people will work with one Personal Trainer, who will make adjustments to the workout to accommodate each client's fitness level.

# of Sessions Per Person Price
1 $30
4 $108
8 $204

Group Training Pricing for Crest

# of Sessions Per Person Price
1 $45
4 $162
8 $306

Do your fitness goals include....

  • losing weight?
  • building muscle?
  • feeling better?
  • toning up?
  • increasing your strength, cardiovascular endurance, or flexibility?
  • moving more fluidly and pain free?
  • experiencing some of these 25 health benefits of exercise?

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"Must be 16 years or older to participate"

Working with our Personal Trainers you will gain access to exclusive fitness centers on campus, receive a free fitness assessment, and pay the lowest prices in town! We offer a variety of packages and training options to fit your budget and training goals. Read the top 10 reasons to invest in a personal trainer