Disc Golf

  • Discs and scorecards are free to use and available at the Firestone Fieldhouse Weight Room
  • Course is free to use but availability may be impacted by special events or athletic practices on campus
  • Pepperdine's Disc Golf Course on Alumni Field is shown below:

Disc Golf Course

Rules and Regulations to play Disc Golf can be found here.

  • There are inherent risks in playing Disc Golf and participants must be aware of their surroundings. Please take into consideration where discs may travel as they may endanger others in the park.
  • Any discs traveling into the ponds that are beyond arm's reach are NOT retrievable.

Disc Golf App

Get the App: Disc Golf GPS Course Directory and find information on Pepperdine's course.


For more information or to report any course issues, contact us at campusrec@pepperdine.edu