Rental Policies

Terms and Conditions of this Rental Contract

  1. Eligibility – Rental equipment is available to anyone with a valid Pepperdine ID and credit card.
  2. Late Fees
    1. Formal equipment: All rentals must be returned to Campus Recreation by closing time on the due date. Late fees will be assessed at $4 per day plus the rental charges for the number of days late. Items more than 14 days overdue will be considered lost or stolen, and the renter will be charged the greater amount of 1) the full replacement cost of the items or 2) the late fees and excess rental charges. Late fees and excess rental charges will not be waived.
    2. Informal equipment: All rentals must be returned to Campus Recreation by closing time the day after items are checked out. Late fees will be assessed at $4 per day. Items greater than 14 days late will be considered lost or stolen and the borrower agrees to pay the greater of 1) 14 days of late fees or 2) the replacement cost of the items not returned.
  3. Reservations
    1. Formal Equipment: Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance with a full payment. Reservations are accepted in person with a credit card or over the phone. If changes are made to a reservation after it has been placed, no refund will be issued.
    2. Informal Equipment: There are no reservations for informal equipment. Items are rented on a first come first serve basis.
  4. Equipment pick up – All equipment must be picked up during office hours. No exceptions. Reserved equipment must be picked up on the date specified in the reservation and during office hours or the equipment will be made available to others. Refunds will not be issued for equipment not picked up.
  5. Cancellations – Cancellations or changes less than three days before pickup are not eligible for a refund or credit. Reservations changed or cancelled three days or more before the proposed pickup day will not be charged.
  6. Refunds – No refunds or credits will be made due to weather, road conditions, equipment not picked up, unused or returned early. Only cancellations made by Outdoor Recreation trips will result in a full refund.
  7. Returns – The renter is responsible for the equipment checked out and its return in proper condition. Equipment must be returned clean, dry, and in good condition, or a cleaning/damage fee will be assessed (minimum $10). This fee also applies to any equipment left outside of the building rather than returned in person during business hours. Any mismatched items/bags will incur a fee of $2.00 per item. Please check equipment and declare prior damage upon rental.
  8. Damage/Replacement – A replacement fee will be due for any lost, stolen, or unrepairable equipment. If the equipment is repairable, damages will be assessed at repair cost. Campus Recreation staff will determine the amount of these charges. The maximum fee will be the full retail value of the equipment.
  9. Indemnification – The renter accepts all responsibility for injury to the renter’s person or damage to Pepperdine University property arising out of the renter’s use of rented items.
  10. Rates and policies - Rates and policies are subject to change without notice.