God in the Wilderness

Our biannual God in the Wilderness trips are one of Campus Recreation's signature programs.  Students earn 4 convocation credits as they spend time in nature reflecting on God's creation and participating in devotionals led by Pepperdine faculty and staff.  Although we do schedule many activities during the trips, students also have an abundance of free time, which allows them to explore on their own, spend time with friends, or do homework. 

Fall God in the Wilderness

In the fall we spend 3 days and 2 nights at Forest Home in the beautiful Ojai Valley, where we sleep in cabins, hike in the mountains, make smores, chat around the campfire, and lounge in hammocks.  We often include educational components as well such as stargazing through high powered telescopes provided by Pepperdine faculty. REGISTER HERE

Spring God in the Wilderness

In the spring we spend 6 days and 5 nights at Mammoth Mountain during spring break.  Although the massive cabins we stay in keep us from being "in the wilderness" as much as our Fall trip, you will still marvel at the beauty of the surrounding snow covered mountains and will have plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights, and building snowmen and igloos.  After that you can go indoors to cozy up next to the fire with some hot chocolate, play board games, and just hang out in the cabins, some of which include hot tubs, pool tables, and media rooms.  Both skiers and non-skiers are welcome



What Students Are Saying.....


"A new experience was engaging with a lot of people I never met before, and becoming close with them. I meet a lot of new people, but am not always able to form relationships with them. This trip allowed me to go deeper in those relationships."


"I signed up on a whim and ended up loving every minute of it. The hike, the s'mores, the horseback riding, and making new friends all came together to make for an incredible, unforgettable weekend."


"It was awesome to be away from Malibu and the stress of regular daily life and just focus on God and the nature he created and hear some great messages."


"It was impossible to be immersed in so much natural beauty and not appreciate the wonder of God's creation. The stars particularly made an enormous impact, and I know it's something I'll remember for the rest of my life."