Student Programs

Service and Social Action Grants

Most students come to Pepperdine with a strong record of participation in volunteer efforts while in high school. Still, they may not make the connection between their various acts of service and a response to the call of God for their lives. The Center for Faith and Learning hopes to move these students from their point of entry–whatever that point may be–to a full realization that a life of service is their Christian vocation.

Bethany Rogers- Made in the Streets

Through the Center for Faith and Learning's service and social action grant program, the University offers direction and financial support for a variety of student-led initiatives. Examples include:

  • projects that address and/or seek to alleviate poverty and hunger
  • projects that address and or seek to promote peace and justice
  • projects that serve the community in a variety of ways
The deadline for the Service & Social Action Grant program has ended. The Center for Faith and Learning is discontinuing this program after the 2015-2016 academic year.

2014-15 Service & Social Action Grant Awardees

  • More Than Compassion, Guatemala, Alyssa Galik and Erin Runingen
  • Project Serve Costa Rica- The Abraham Project- Daniel Suh and Mariah Mendoza
  • Project Serve NYC- Shiloh Ministries- Dan Spencer and Lauren Berry
  • Project Serve Fiji- Mission at Natuvu Creek- Stacey Lee and Jenny Min
  • Project Serve Dominican Republic- Good Samaritan- Marissa Yoshizawa and Ryan Best
  • Project LEAD China- Claudia Lin
  • Project LEAD Civil Rights Team- Edward Adutwum, Camille Idedevbo, Mina Obieta, Eugenia Ji