Acting on AIDS

Mission Statement

To investigate what faith has to say about HIV/AIDS and what we can do as Christians to meet the needs of those affected by the disease to confront and eliminate stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, and expose the Pepperdine community to the HIV/AIDS subculture to educate and create awareness.


1/3 of new HIV infections are those aged 26 and younger.  The Pepperdine community is a high-risk group because conservative communities usually don't talk about this controversial disease which is entangled with heavy stigma.  We hope to educate students about the disease in order to relate to the HIV/AIDS community which is oftentimes overlooked by Christians. Long term vision is to raise activists who will witness specifically to the HIV/AIDS community through community involvement and continuous on-campus education.

We believe through Christ, God demonstrates His love for all people and calls us to care for one another (Isaiah 58:6-12; Luke 10:25-27; James 1:27).

Meeting Times

Tuesdays 8 p.m., HAWC


Leaders are elected by a simple majority of all cub members and are chosen during the first meeting in April.


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Contact Information:

Lindsay Jakows, President/SLM Rep
Jessica White
, President/ICC Rep
Gina Fitzgerald
, Secretary/ ICC Rep