Exploring the Texts


Our purpose is to further the Christian mission of Pepperdine by enriching knowledge of other faiths in order to explore elements that Christianity shares with other faiths and how it is distinguished among these. We want to educate Pepperdine students about other major faiths in order to better understand those from other backgrounds, making for a more knowledgeable way to shine a light to the community.

We meet in groups of about 5-6 students with one leader. Each participant chooses a text that they will study throughout the semester (e.g., the New Testament, the Koran, the Torah, etc.). Each week, each group member would be responsible for researching and discussing what their chosen world religion says about that week's topic. The group leader would present the biblical perspective.


Exploring the Texts began in January, 2011.

Meeting Times

Varied - contact a leader for more details


Coming soon!

Contact Information

Clayton Karels, Leader