Graziadio Christian Business Society

Mission Statement

To serve as a community for business students devoted to living a Christ-filled life, preserving values in business and fostering spiritual growth through fellowship.


To grow a strong Christian community in the graduate business school that can be a light to an otherwise dark part of campus.


Short Term:  Find Christians in the program who want to grow in community through monthly speakers and social events.

Long Term:  Thriving Christian community and to encourage the integration of faith in classrooms.


GCBS began in January, 2011 with the vision of establishing a continuing legacy of Christian community on the graduate campus.

Meeting Times

Varies due to speaker schedules.  Weekly prayer group ASK on Wednesdays.


Students apply through an application and current leaders choose at the beginning of Fall semester.

Contact Information

Student Leaders:


  • Jeff Farmer - GSBM Career Counselor
  • Dean Williams - GSBM Associate Dean
  • Stephen Rapier - GSBM Professor, Faculty advisor

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