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The Wells Project

Mission Statement

The Wells Project exists to raise awareness and funds to address the global water crisis.


We care about the fact that nearly a billion of the world's most vulnerable people don't have access to clean water. We are students committed to bringing this cause to our campus and the greater Malibu/LA area, taking action to bring social justice and salvation through clean water and the truth of the living water, Jesus.


Each year the current leadership group will collectively choose 1 to 2 new younger students (freshmen or sophomores) to join and one member from at least 3 class years will be on leadership.

November: start application process for new leaders

January: interviews

February: install new leaders

Meeting Times

Monthly prayer nights to pray over water crisis and our role in bringing about social justice in Jesus' name.

Contact Information

Margaret.Marks@pepperdine.edu - Founder/President
Andrew.Shearer@pepperdine.edu - Marketing
Alan.Holley@pepperdine.edu - Marketing
Brody.Wooton@pepperdine.edu - Marketing
mailto:william.cole@pepperdine.edu - Marketing
Shannon.Looney@pepperdine.edu - ICC Rep
Zach.Dowell@pepperdine.edu - ICC Rep