University Academic Council

About Us

The University Academic Council (UAC) is the chief policy-making body for academic procedures, policies, and requirements in the schools. It reviews proposals submitted by the academic council of a particular school for changes or additions to the curriculum, graduation requirements, and general academic policies.

UAC deals with the creation of new courses or deletion of old courses from the catalog, changes in general education requirements, creation of new majors or minors, and changes in requirements for a particular major or minor. It is principally responsible for addressing and recommending academic programs and policies to the president.

The associate provost, who is a nonvoting member except in the event of a tie, chairs this committee. Voting members are the deans (or dean representatives) of each of the five schools, one elected faculty representative from each school, the director of libraries, the dean of international programs, and the registrar.


University Academic Council Charter

View the UAC Charter here

Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes

View the UAC meeting agendas and minutes here

Council Membership

  • Lila Carlsen, Associate Provost (Chair)
  • Seaver: David Holmes, Tom Vandergon
  • Graziadio: Ken Ko, John Mooney
  • GSEP: Farzin Madjidi, June Schmieder-Ramirez
  • SOL: Victoria Schwartz, Ahmed Taha
  • SPP: Michael Shires, Ted McAllister
  • Hung Le, University Registrar
  • Mark Roosa, Dean of Libraries
  • Charles Hall, Dean of International Programs
  • Lisa Bortman, Associate Provost
  • Bryan Reeder, Associate Registrar
  • Jody Semerau, Executive Director of Academic Finance
  • Dave Smith, Associate Provost for Online Education
  • Lindsay Jacobs (ex officio)