University Diversity Council

About Us

The Pepperdine University Diversity Council (UDC) is a university-wide council composed of faculty, staff, and students who join with senior management in a collaborative effort to create strategic plans and goals for diversity in alignment with our Christian mission and vision. This involves implementing programs that increase and enhance student, faculty, and staff diversity at all levels of the University.

University Diversity Council Charter

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Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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Council Membership

  • Christine Goodman, Professor of Law (co-chair)
  • David Humphrey, Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Diversity and Inclusion (co-chair)
  • Luisa Blanco, Assistant Professor of Public Policy
  • Lisa Bortman, Assistant Provost
  • Rebecca Campos, Director, Intercultural Affairs, Student Affairs
  • Lila Carlsen, Associate Provost, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies
  • LaShonda Coleman, Title IX Coordinator for Students
  • Bryant Crubaugh, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Bob deMayo, Associate Dean and Professor of Psychology
  • Dawn Emrich, Deputy Director, Department of Public Safety
  • Sandra Harrison, Director, Office of Student Accessibility
  • Karina Herold, Associate Director of Athletics
  • Tuan Hoang, Visiting Assistant Professor of Great Books
  • Kim Miller, Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
  • Ennette Morton, Director of Academic Affairs
  • Chalak Richards, Associate Director of Career Development
  • Alice Tsay, Director for Library Programming and Public Affairs
  • Austin Welch, Undergraduate Student Representative 
  • Eric Wilson, Associate Chaplain